Sustainable scarves and shawls

  • Sustainable, handmade scarves and shawls
  • Coloured with flowers and plants
  • Weavers get a fair price

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Slow fashion just like old times

No disposable clothing, no fast fashion but a sustainably made scarf that you can enjoy for years. Ideal for those who go for beauty, the environment and craftsmanship. All our sustainable scarves and shawls are made with care for people and nature. The weaver learned the craft from her (grand)mother and made this beautiful accessory for you on a wooden loom. She dyed the yarn in the traditional way with flowers, plants and earth. And even though she put her heart and days of work into it, your scarf is not expensive. She loved making it for you and is happy with the price you pay her.

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Affordable sustainable craftsmanship

We buy our scarves from weavers in the Thai countryside. The ladies get a fair price for their work. Traditionally, they weave scarves on their loom. Wider scarves can also be worn as wraps on a cool summer evening. From about 50 cm, they fall nicely around your shoulders and protect against cool temperatures and bright sunshine. Leave your coat at home.

Often only 1 copy

As our fabrics are hand-woven, we could often buy only 1 copy from the weaver. Re-ordering is not possible. So don’t wait too long if you find a special scarf or shawl in our shop. Chances are that only 1 copy of it exists.

This ancient craft is good for the environment …

The scarves’ dye comes straight from nature. The weavers take pride in the way they dye the yarn with flowers and plants. Their dyeing techniques ensure that rivers and lakes near the villages are not polluted with toxic chemicals. For instance, boiled tree bark gives deep colours while the indigo plant gives off its blue colour even in cold water. It is a healthy answer to the polluting fast fashion industry. Like us, they hope this craft will continue.

… and for the weaver

Thai farmers have no yield from the land during the hot season. It is the time of year when housewives get behind looms to weave scarves. Their craftsmanship is passed on from generation to generation. Often, the ladies sit together and the latest news from the village is also discussed while weaving. There is a lot of laughter and eating together. Experience, knowledge and techniques are passed on from generation to generation. Sales are a welcome addition to the often meagre family income. With your purchase, you not only support the weaver but also ensure that this beautiful craft does not disappear.

A beautiful gift

a scarf or shawl from staatjebeeldig is an original gift

A scarf or shawl from staatjebeeldig is an original gift with a beautiful message. You tell the recipient that you:

  • Dislikes mass production and poor working conditions
  • Considers it important not to pollute our natural environment
  • Weaving craft and weaver supports
  • Be original and unique

For every season and occasion

ladies scarf, a wonderful gift

Scarves are there for different occasions. They can add a nice touch to your outfit.

We have summer and winter scarves. A loosely woven scarf with thin yarn will protect you from the sun’s rays. And on cooler evenings in spring, summer or autumn, you will be happy with your thin scarf or shawl. On cold days, our tightly woven scarves are nice and warm and windproof.

What makes TheHappyScarf so special?

  • Our scarves and shawls are the result of old craftsmanship
  • Weaver gets good price
  • For every season, event and occasion!
  • It is an original gift with a message
  • High-quality
  • Hand-woven on a wooden loom
  • By weavers in small Thai villages
  • Unique and original
  • Purchased at a fair price

About TheHappyScarf

Hand-woven scarves with dyes from plants and flowers make a unique gift

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