A shawl or scarf for a very long time

a shawl or scarf from Thailand

No disposable clothing, no fast fashion, but a sustainably made scarf or shawl that you can enjoy for years to come.

It is carefully handcrafted in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment and nature.
And it’s a good cause, because with your purchase you help families in the dry and hot Thai countryside.

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What makes this piece of clothing so special?

Making a scarf, 100% handicraft

The threads are woven on a wooden loom.
The weavers use natural dyes to color the yarn.
You therefore also contribute to a cleaner environment.

Do not hesitate and treat your friend, family member or simply yourself with a scarf or shawl of TheHappyScarf.

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A fair price for the weaver

Thai farmers have no yield from the land in the hot season.
That is the period when the weavers put themselves behind looms to weave shawls.
They get through this period with the sale of their fabrics.
The craftsmanship is passed on from mother to daughter.

We buy the shawls directly from the weaver in the village.
The prices are agreed in advance so that everyone gets a fair price.

A shawl or scarf of TheHappyScarf is:

  • Of high quality
  • Ideal for different seasons or occasions
  • Woven by hand on a wooden loom
  • By weavers in the agricultural villages of Thailand
  • Unique and original
  • Purchased at a fair price
  • The ideal gift for a loved one or yourself

For every season, event and occasion!

The scarves feel warm in winter and cool in summer.
Woven with thick or thin yarn, our scarves are not only suitable for the winter months.
You are also happy with your soft scarf on cool evenings in spring, summer or autumn.

With a cheerful dress, a suit or jacket.
You’re just going to shine a little more.

An original gift

Share your concern for nature and people with others.
It is an ideal and original gift with a message.
No factory mass production with long, hard working days, but home industry when it suits the weaver.

The scarves dyed with natural dyes make your gift extra durable.

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how sustainable scarves are made
  • Where the sustainable scarves come from
  • How our weavers weave them
  • How and with what the yarn is dyed
  • Why the scarves are super soft and
  • Be your charity?

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