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A charity

When we talk about our scarves, we often talk about a good cause. A scarf of The Happy Scarf contains at least two elements of charity. First of all, there are our weavers. The environment is the second lucky one. Because sustainability comes first. But yourself also offers a good cause benefits.

a charity

a charity

Charity comes in many forms. You can help neighbors and people close to you with small things like food and money. With a donation to charitable organizations you help people further away from home, often in other parts of the world, during war, natural disasters, catastrophes, hunger, disease and poverty. It is a good way to provide food, shelter and medical assistance at a distance.

Charity comes from a selfless act – simply giving from your heart. This act of giving is not tied to any special event, holiday, or celebration.

By helping others, you change their lives

A good cause for the weavers

the dry landscape in thailand

Life is hard in the dry and hot Thai countryside. Often the yield of the land is not enough to live on. With traditional handicrafts they look for extra income.

Stately, it takes a modest approach. We drive through the country and stop at houses with a loom. We buy from the resident and from her friends and colleagues and pay the asking price. So when you buy a scarf from stately you directly help poor farmers and disabled ladies to supplement their income.

There is great cohesion in these rural communities. Those who fall short receive support from the environment. Plates of food and money find their way to those who have too little. Your help often ends up with a neighbor or friend who can use it even better. The weaver will take care of that.

Environmentally Friendly Charity

Our scarves are not made by polluting machines. They are woven by hand according to traditional weaving techniques.

The yarn of the scarves is colored so much with natural paint. The plants, flowers, bark, fruits, etc… with which the yarn is dyed do not pollute the environment.

In addition, our fabrics last and are worn much longer than the fast fashion garments we are inundated with. Our clothes don’t just disappear in the trash after a season. She is far too beautiful and special for that.

All good news for nature and the future of the earth.

So you can say that a scarf made of The Happy Scarf is sustainable.

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A good goal for yourself

Charity also has a number of benefits for those who give. Charity makes us happier; especially when we voluntarily choose to give. Scientists believe that altruistic behavior releases endorphins in the brain, creating a positive feeling. The so-called ‘helper high’.

Givers tend to be happier people than takers thanks to:

  • The pleasure of giving
  • The good feeling of being able to do something for others
  • The extra meaning it gives to your life
  • The realization that every little bit helps

Win win

We always experience what sharing your wealth entails when we go on a purchasing trip through Thailand. The small communities are very grateful for the help they get from the West. They are also proud when they show their fabrics, made with great care. They charge a fair price for their labor. A price that we are happy to pay them and that is rewarded double and thick. Not only because of the quality of your scarf, but also because of all the benefits of giving for a good cause.

Many thanks from:

  • Our weaver
  • The environment
  • Yourself

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