A scarf that doesn't sting

A scarf that doesn’t sting

A cotton or rayon scarf does not sting and only gets softer with wear.
But that is not the only advantage of the fabric.
Because the fabric is comfortable and does not irritate, you will wear them for a long time.
A HappyScarf scarf will quickly become your favourite and you will take it out of the closet more and more often.
You don’t easily throw away such a special piece of clothing, which makes it sustainable.
After all, a comfortable piece of clothing does not easily end up on a huge landfill or a polluted beach in Africa.

No dry rivers or lakes

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Our cotton is grown on a small scale and the farmers do not harm nature. It is during the wet rainy season that the cotton grows. The rain irrigates the cotton field so that rivers are not drained. Nature determines the yield of the land.

This method makes organic cotton scarce in Thailand. When no cotton is available, weavers choose rayon yarn.

Rayon a good alternative

Rayon is a man-made fibre made from the cell walls of plants (cellulose). In particular, the eucalyptus tree, bamboo and wood are the source of the fine threads Although the yarn has many similarities to cotton, it is stronger, more flexible and softer. The fabric feels like silk and is also known as artificial silk. The softness and sheen of the yarn create a luxurious feel.

More sustainability

Our scarves have more features that make them durable.

The old craft survives

Making cotton threads on a spinning wheel. Dyeing yarn with flowers, plants and more dyes from nature. Weaving fabrics on a wooden loom. This handicraft and craftsmanship is in danger of disappearing because of the success of fast-fashion. By buying handicraft, you ensure the survival of the old weaving craft and the weaver who made it. By buying slow-fashion, you support a good cause.

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