sustainable gift under 50 euros

A sustainable gift under 50 euros

Choosing a present for someone else is often a difficult task. But it gets extra difficult when you know that the other person has distinct tastes or won’t be happy with every gift. And then there’s your budget. At The Happy Scarf you have plenty of choice and you can quickly find a sustainable gift for less than 50 euros.

A sustainable gift for a responsible environment

With the environment at the top of the agenda, protecting the planet is an absolute necessity. Giving a sustainable gift is more than ever a good idea. That’s why you’re in the right place. Because sustainability is our top priority.

Garen verven met natuurlijke verf

It starts with dyeing the yarn. Our weavers use dyes that come straight from nature. The most obvious example of this is our indigo blue scarves. The color comes from the green leaves of the indigo plant. This plant often grows next to the houses of our weavers. When the plant is fully grown, the leaves are soaked. After a few days, the weaver sifts the water from the blue slurry, leaving a thick blue dye paste. It is this blue mass that colors the yarn. And the residuals can be discharged back into nature without any problem. There are therefore no dead polluted rivers in the villages of our weavers.

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Laughter instead of smoke and noise

The second sustainable aspect of our scarves and shawls is the weaving process. No noisy and polluting weaving machines make our fabrics. Each scarf or shawl is woven by hand. The only sounds we hear from our weavers are sliding coils mixed with much talk and laughter.

We see a lot of cheerfulness and conviviality when we visit them. The weavers are happy with the extra income and grateful that they can contribute to the family while sitting behind the loom.

Happy weavers
Happy weavers
sustainable gift under 50 euros
Chiang Mai purple and white cotton wallet € 12,00

Happy to give

You will also feel that joy when you can give your gift to a friend. Not only the sustainable message scores. The originality and beauty of this gift will tell the lucky one that you’ve put a lot of effort into your search for something that suits him or her just fine.

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A sustainable gift for less than 50 euros

We do our utmost to offer our scarves and shawls competitively. When you realize that everything is made by hand and the weaver receives a fair price for her work, you see that we have succeeded in offering something unique yet affordable.

With scarves from € 22 and an assortment that is almost entirely under € 50, we have certainly succeeded. A scarf from The Happy Scarf is a special gift that is also very nice to give. It is always enthusiastically received, you have that guarantee.

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