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Behind the scenes of the soft scarves of The Happy Scarf

loom with weaver

We are Harco and Benny.
In 2017 we sold our Bed & Breakfast in Spain and we moved to South East Asia.
We now live alternately in Thailand and the Netherlands.

August 2018, during one of our tours through Thailand, arose The Happy Scarf.

It started in a village in Suphanburi

our first introduction to the scarves
Our first introduction to the scarves

We were in the Dan Chang District in Suphanburi and with friends we visited a small village where  scarves were woven by hand.
The shack where the entire community’s stock was kept served as a showroom and point of sale.
One of the weavers proudly showed us her work and that of her colleagues.

She told us:

  • That everything is made without  machines
  • It is a natural process from start to finish
  • The two to three days takes a scarf to finish
  • Colorants from nature are used
  • Poor farmers try to earn extra in this way

Our first purchase

It looked good, no two scarves were the same.
Of course we wanted to support this hospitable, poor community.
A charity that we could give gift to our friends and to wear.
So win-win.
Why not start selling these beautiful scarves in the Netherlands and Belgium?
The idea was born.

the scarves are purchased one by one from the weaver
Shoes off and cross-legged shopping for scarves

We bought twenty scarves and took them to Europe.
The response from friends and family was enthusiastic.
How they were made and help to the poor farmers appealed to everyone.

Visit and buy all over the country

A lot has happened since our visit to this village.
We crossed Thailand, spoke to weavers, inspected and bought scarves.
We know much more about dyeing and weaving the yarn.
We have already sold many scarves to enthusiastic customers at markets in the Randstad and via this site.

A new purchase round is in full swing.
We expect to be on the markets for another three months in March.
In the meantime, our scarves can be ordered online.

Cotton, just harvested

In the webshop

The scarves on this website are already in the Netherlands.
After ordering, it takes 1 or 2 days for the scarf to reach your mailbox.
And if you don’t like the scarf, you can return it to our postal address in the Netherlands.
We will then refund the purchase amount.

But beware!

Once unpacked, you don’t want to say goodbye to this unique piece of handicraft.

You have been warned!

dyed cotton
Het garen hangt na het verven te drogen

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