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An original Christmas gift for him and her

December is again the festive month in which we spoil each other with gifts. But what is an original Christmas present for a man or woman? It is something that many are pondering over these days. Fortunately, you always score with a scarf of The Happy Scarf. Because:

The ideal Christmas gift for him or her

Handwoven scarf
Craftsmanship at the loom

What could be better than giving an original Christmas gift. Something unique that is made with a lot of love and craftsmanship.

All our scarves and shawls are woven for you by hand on a loom. The weavers learned the craft from their mothers and grandmothers and their fabrics are of high quality. They collected plants, flowers and soil to make dyes. Before weaving, the yarn was colored with these natural dyes. In this way, their health and nature do not have to suffer from the production of the substances.

your gift allows us to help more people!

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For man, woman or just yourself

natural colors chosen by the weavers

The scarves of The Happy Scarf come from Thailand. In this country 95% of the population is Buddhist. The power of giving runs like a red thread through this teaching. Because giving is good for your Karma. It will come back later. And it has a purifying effect on the one who gives.

Also in the west we know how good it feels to give something to someone else. When you can give something useful, something someone can wear every day, you feel doubly good. You know that that person will soon enjoy your gift and will think of you. And the more original your gift, the better that feeling. Our Thai, handmade scarves and shawls fit perfectly into this picture.

There is also nothing wrong with pampering yourself. So feel free to give yourself an original Sinterklaas or Christmas present. Because if you take good care of yourself, you are a gift to others.

Handwoven and natural dyes

Colorants from nature
Colorants from nature

A shawl or shawl of The Happy Scarf style is certainly original. Not only does the scarf look good, there is also a story behind it. A story about the power of craftsmanship. That is about the care and love with which your gift was made. Read about this in: ‘how our hand-made scarves are woven’.

The color combination was chosen by the weaver. Sometimes she worked on the fabric for several days. She also received a fair price for her work and is proud of the result.

So no fast fashion or mass production, but honest labour. Add to that the respect for nature and you have a special combination. It is a message that the recipient of the scarf will certainly appreciate.

Free digital gift by name

free video about your scarf

We are happy to tell you where the scarf comes from and how it was made. At The Happy Scarf.com you will find a lot of information about the different regions where our products come from.

We made a short video of a number of areas (Sakon Nakhon, Buriram and Sukothai, Nong Bua Lam Pu) in which you can see our weavers at work.

When you order one of these scarves and give us the name of the recipient of your gift, we will make a video especially for that person (by name) and send it to you.

So with a scarf or shawl from one of these provinces you give not one but two gifts. A doubly good feeling.

An original Christmas gift and a good cause

The dry landscape in the hot season
The dry landscape in the hot season

Our weavers live in the Thai countryside. They cannot work on the land in the hot months of the dry season. By weaving they try to create extra income. We pay them a fair price for their scarves and shawls.

So not only are you delighted that you can give. You also make the Thai weavers happy, and us too because with your gift we can help more people!

Shipped to you quickly and without shipping costs

We will send the order to you or the lucky recipient within one day. Moreover, you do not have to pay shipping costs within the Netherlands. We also pay the majority of the shipping costs to Belgium.

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