An original Christmas present

an original Christmas present

Discover the magic of an original Christmas gift on TheHappyScarf. Because how nice is it to give something special to an important person.

So this festive season, enrich your gift-giving experience with a touch of authenticity and sustainability. TheHappyScarf proudly presents a collection of hand-woven scarves that are not only unique, but also made with care. Talented weavers take care of both nature and you in their own way.

Why a scarf from TheHappyScarf?

Unique and original

At TheHappyScarf, we embrace the concept of true originality. Our scarves are not mass-produced but hand-woven on a wooden loom. Each piece is unique, making your Christmas gift stand out in the most charming way.

Enduring elegance

With an original Christmas gift from TheHappyScarf, you also give sustainability. Our fabrics are dyed with colours from nature, making for a vibrant and eco-friendly gift. Choose a beautiful scarf and contribute to a greener planet.

Weavers in the spotlight


Your purchase goes beyond just a Christmas gift. You are supporting skilled weavers who put their heart and soul into making these beautiful scarves. We believe in fair compensation and give artisans the compensation they deserve for their craftsmanship.

Red scarves for the Classic Christmas spirit

Our red scarves, are ideal to wear during the holidays (and after). Choose from several styles, including solid dark red, wine red with a hint of burgundy, or the sophisticated red scarf with a white raindrop pattern. These scarves are not only a perfect addition to the Christmas tree, but also become a timeless accessory for any season.

Green scarves for a unique twist

Green is also part of Christmas. And if you want to break away from traditional green, opt for a basil green scarf. It adds a refreshing touch. This ideal Christmas gift also says a lot about your effort to find something truly special and unique.

More colours of scarves

Our scarves are available in numerous colours, ranging from beige and blue to brown, yellow, and beyond. No doubt you will find the perfect shade that resonates with your loved one’s style and preferences.

A nice story by the Christmas tree

TheHappyScarf story, with its commitment to purity and originality, is one worth sharing. Your Christmas gift is not just a scarf; it is a work of art that tells a beautiful story. A story about tradition, craft and respect for our nature.

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Order on time and with free delivery

From €39.50 we will deliver your Christmas gift to your door for free. However, keep in mind that it will be busy during the holidays. So order on time so that your gift arrives on time.

Your original Christmas gift on sale

Our scarves and shawls are available in all price ranges, making it easy to find the perfect Christmas gift at a price that suits you. Check out our special offers to score a great deal for this festive season.

This Christmas, go beyond the ordinary. Choose TheHappyScarf for an original and meaningful gift that celebrates craft, sustainability, and the joy of giving.

Happy holidays!

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