Combine color with blue suit, which scarf do you choose?

Combining color with a blue suit is fairly easy. But which scarf color suits my suit best? Here we list a number of combinations

Blue stands for calmness, professionalism, expertise and self-confidence. It is a formal, yet versatile color. It is also a color that easily combines with many colors and styles.

Which color you can combine with a blue suit

You can wear many colors on a blue suit. Calm colours, such as light blue or light pink, combine well. Then, depending on the color and pattern, your outfit will take on a more business-like or creative look.

It goes without saying that a blue suit is all the rage. So it seems that everyone chooses this color. This makes it less easy to stand out or distinguish yourself. However, a beautiful or modest accessory can make all the difference.

A men’s scarf is such a special piece of clothing. Super soft, handwoven by experienced weavers and colored with natural dyes. The Happy Scarf also has plenty of colors that you can combine with a blue suit.

Below are a few suggestions for a business, a creative or more daring combination.

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The business combination

  • A light blue scarf
  • A dark blue scarf
  • A red scarf
  • A green scarf
  • A brown scarf

More creative

Or more daring

A suitable gift for father

Whatever color scarf you choose. It is a suitable gift for a man. Because you put a part of yourself in the choice of color or pattern. He will undoubtedly appreciate your gift extra. That’s why success is assured with this original gift for Father’s Day or for his birthday.

Include that the scarf is carefully woven by hand. And that this scarf gets its colors from dyes from nature. Because this gives your gift an extra dimension. A Happy scarf is a sustainable gift with which you always score.

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