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What are the colors for this fall and winter?

What are the colors for next fall and winter? We are particularly interested in color combinations. Because a scarf is the perfect accessory to add color to your outfit in a subtle way.

Maybe you have one of these autumn 2021 fashion colors in your closet and you can get some inspiration from it. And don’t worry if the right color is missing in your wardrobe. We looked in our collection to see which scarves should not be missing to meet the fashion image for the coming season.

What the trendsetters tell us

thin terracotta scarf
Orange will also remain in the picture this winter

Leading magazines such as Elle, Trendystyle, Maggies and Cosmopolitan have a clear vision. According to them, neutral colors can easily be alternated with warm, and more bright colors next winter.

It is striking that orange remains in the picture. You can wear this color on earthy browns without any problems.


Elle mentions as colors that determine the fashion this autumn and winter:

  • Ibizablue
  • grass green
  • Brown
  • Optimistic yellow
  • Exciting orange
  • delicate pink and
  • Impactful red
ibiza blue is one of the colors for the coming autumn winter
opimistic yellow is one of the colors for the coming autumn winter
Optimistic yellow
delicat pink scarf
delicat pink

The fashion magazine suggests combining blue tones with the warm colors of autumn. Not only the dark green autumn color of wet-rained moss, but also bright green can be worn on cold days.

Deep brown and light brown colors are combined on the catwalks of the fashion houses. And all shades between butter yellow and bright yellow are allowed.

Summer orange gives way to the deeper oranges and terracotta colors of this winter. Gently soft pinks and bubblegum pinks that run through to purple and lilac can both be worn this winter. Red keeps everyone on their toes and adds beautiful accents to your clothes.

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trendy style

In the new season we want to go out again and live in the great outdoors says trendystyle when they talk about the fashion colors for autumn 2021. They call reassuring evergreens, bright colors with the frontrunner being green (the color of hope), neutrals for the necessary calm, silver and gold. At trendystyle, green leads the way, but red and bright blue are also present. These colors can be easily combined with brown tones, dark blue and with each other. Even the Christmas tree combination green with red is possible.

Furthermore, it’s all about creative color combinations with colors like

  • Fuchsia
  • Soft pink
  • yellow
  • Bright red
  • Bright green
  • Greek blue
  • Deep purple and
  • A muted shade of blue (called Spring Lake).
Bright red is one of the colors for the coming autumn winter
Bright red
a bright green scarf is also allowed next winter
Bright green
fuchsia and deep purple are both colors for coming fall and winter
Fuchsia / deep purple

However, not everything is bright and fierce, terracotta and brown (adobe root beer color) can also be worn in trendystyle .


Maggiesstyle shouts: “the color of autumn-winter 2021 is YELLOW!”. You will find yellow in many outfits.

They mainly predict blue, yellow, orange, green, red, pink and brown tones. But all shades of pink are also hot.

There colors are:

  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Warm tones from nature
  • grayed pastels,
  • soft light blue
  • Gray brown
  • Yellow 
Brown and earthy colors
ibiza blue or soft blue you can do both
Soft light blue

earthy colors from nature
Warm tones from nature


Cosmopolitan mentions white as one of the trend colors of the upcoming season. And there is a lot of gold. For example, major fashion houses such as Valentino, Chanel and Giambattista Valli showed golden looks on the catwalk.

Pantone colors for this fall and winter

As usual, the color authority Pantone has collected the fashion colors for New York Fashion Week FW21 These are the 10 + 4 colors that will determine the fashion image for the coming autumn and winter.

fashion colors autumn 2021
autumn winter 2021 2022
The fashion colors autumn 2021 in a row

Got inspiration?

There is no arguing about taste and color. Fortunately, fashion leaves everyone plenty of room to experiment with different colors and accessories. And many colors can also be worn next fall and winter.

In any case, we were inspired by it and now we know that these scarves will brighten up the colder months. And that with the approval of the experts.

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