fashion colors spring summer 22

These are the colors of spring and summer 2022

These are special times. We seek balance as everything changes around us. Balance, clarity and comfort combined with the feeling of liberation and optimism. This sentiment is the basis of the fashion colors of this spring and summer 2022.

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Looking for optimism and security

Our need for safety and what is familiar is reflected in the • clear, • safe and • comfortable colors of the coming spring and summer 2022

At the same time, the • spontaneous, • dynamic and • striking shades about our optimism and sense of new liberation.

Summarized the fashion colors for spring 2022 bring together our competing desires for comforting familiarity and joyful adventure.

These are the New York Fashion Week colors for spring and summer 2022

And what are those soothing and timeless colors that, together with cheerful shades, display playfulness? This is the New York Fashion Week color palette for Spring/Summer 2022.

colors spring summer spun sugar

Spun Sugar is reminiscent of a sweet pastry with an airy character.

colors spring summer gossamer pink

Soft and powdery Gossamer Pink has a light and tender touch.

innuendo colors spring summer

High visibility Innuendo sends a stimulating message.

skydiver colors spring summer

Skydiver inspires us to new heights.

yellow daffodil colors spring summer

Joyful Narcissus connects us with the spontaneity of a spring garden.

glacier lake colors spring summer

Calming and cooling Glacier Lake exudes serenity and tranquility.

harbor blue colors spring summer

Harbor Blue reflects our quest for a safe haven.

coca mocca colors spring summer

Tasty Coca Mocca warms the mind.

dahlia colors spring summer

Dahlia is a striking purple color that exudes a dynamic atmosphere.

poinciana colors spring summer

An impressive heated red, Poinciana makes a dramatic statement.

The classic core colors of spring/summer 2022

These five classic, seasonless shades are versatile and long-lasting.

snow white colors spring summer

Snow White is clean and pure white. It reflects our desire for simplicity and uninterrupted inner peace.

perfect pale colors spring summer

Perfectly Pale, a subtle sandy beige, reminds us of the soothing comfort of a warm, inviting beach.

basil colors spring summer

Sweet and savory Basil represents health and well-being.

northern droplet of colors spring summer

Northern Droplet is a light gray color that evokes a sense of calm.

poppy seed colors spring summer

Deep Gray Poppy Seed exudes timeless familiarity.

How about you?

Do you already know which colors you will soon be mixing in a world where fashion rules no longer apply? Which tones will soon be in your spontaneous fashion style?

You can add a pinch of sustainability with a scarf of The Happy Scarf. There is plenty of choice, also in the colors of spring and summer 2022.

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