The disadvantages of fast fashion

Fast fashion is a term used to describe the trend whereby clothing brands launch new collections quickly and cheaply in order to respond to changing consumer tastes and demands.
Fast fashion may seem appealing to those who like to keep up with the latest fashions, but it also has some serious drawbacks.

These are the five biggest disadvantages of fast fashion and why it is better to opt for sustainable fashion.

“Sustainable fashion is high-quality, ethical, original and timeless”

Fast fashion is bad for the environment

One of the biggest drawbacks of fast fashion is the huge impact it has on the environment. Many raw materials are used in the production of clothing, such as water and energy.
The production of clothing creates a lot of waste and pollution.
Think of the chemicals used to dye fabrics.
In addition, many fast fashion garments are made of synthetic materials, which are not biodegradable and release microplastics into the water.

een sjaal van staatjebeeldig is slow fashion
geen nadelen van fast fashion maar een sjaal van staatjebeeldig
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Fast fashion is often of poor quality

Another disadvantage of fast fashion is that the garments are usually of poor quality.
In order to keep costs as low as possible, cheap materials, threads and haberdashery are used, which quickly wear out or break.
Fast fashion clothing is not meant to last, but to be quickly thrown away or replaced.
This leads to more waste and more expenditure for the consumer, who keeps buying new clothes to complete his or her wardrobe.

Fast fashion leads to overconsumption

Fast fashion also encourages overconsumption of clothing.
Because collections follow each other in rapid succession, consumers are tempted to buy more and more clothing, even if they don’t actually need it.

Fast fashion plays on the feeling that you always have to have something new to fit in, or to express yourself.
This can lead to a loss of style and identity and a waste of time and money.

nadelen van fast fashion
nadelen van fast fashion
nadelen van fast fashion


Fast fashion is unethical

To keep prices as low as possible, many fast fashion garments are produced in countries where working conditions are poor and where workers are exploited.
Think of long working days, low wages, unsafe factories, child labor and human rights violations.
By buying fast fashion, you are contributing to these problems, not supporting fair trade.

Fast fashion is not original

Finally, fast fashion is not original.
Many fast fashion brands copy their designs from other brands, especially from high-end designers.
This means that you often see the same type of clothing and that you have little variation in your choice.
Your own creativity and personality disappear at the expense of what the fashion industry offers you.

How can you switch to sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion takes into account the environment, people and animals involved in making clothes.
Sustainable fashion is qualitative, ethical, original and timeless.

Here are a few tips to help you make the switch:

  • Buy less, but better.
  • Choose garments made from natural, organic or recycled materials that last a long time and are easy to combine.
  • Invest in classic and neutral clothes that you don’t get tired of easily and that you can wear for different occasions.
  • Buy second-hand or exchange and give old clothes a new life.
  • Buy local or fair trade. In this way you support the local economy, the small entrepreneurs and the artisans who make their clothes. This way you can find more originality and diversity and discover unique and handmade pieces.
  • Repair or recycle and renew your wardrobe in a creative way.


Fast fashion is a trend with a high price. It is bad for the environment, quality, consumption, ethics and originality of clothing.
Fortunately, there are alternatives like switching to sustainable fashion, this is better for the planet, people and yourself.

By buying less but better, by buying second-hand or traded, by buying local or fair trade, and by repairing or recycling, you can enjoy fashion that feels good and looks good.

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