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Your rating on Google is important?

Your rating on Google is important. Your vote certainly counts and you do others a service with it.

First of all, these are those who are looking for a nice scarf for women or men. In this way, your review points the way to potential customers of The Happy Scarf. You open our doors a little more, as it were. Potential customers are reassured and gain more confidence in imaginary. That, because they read what others think of our scarves and the way we work.

And your digital report grade is also important to us. Not only are you telling us how we did it this way. You tell Google about the reliability and quality of our company. And that makes us easier to find online.

And it goes without saying that we are happy with your review.

  • Are you happy with your scarf?
  • Do you want to show others the way to The Happy Scarf?
  • Do you give us a warm heart?

What stops you? Submit your review of The Happy Scarf on Google. Click and rate us. We are grateful to you.

How it works

With your phone or PC you can quickly and easily give a figure to The Happy Scarf (staatjebeeldig) on Google.

  1. Click on this link
  2. scroll down to the stars (or the write a review button)
  3. and rate us and possibly a short review

That’s it. It’s not more work.

Your rating on Google is important

Why we ask this

Google reviews are vital now that we can only sell online. With sufficient reviews, we are easier to find in Google. Reviews create trust so that potential customers visit our webshop.

We are grateful to you

We would like to thank you in advance for taking the trouble. And are curious how you rate us.

Benny and Harco The Happy Scarf / staatjebeeldig.nl

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