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Want to buy a gift for Father’s Day? You will definitely score with this

The second Sunday of June in Belgium and the third Sunday of June is Father’s Day in the Netherlands. Converted to 2022, this means June 19 and 19, 2021. But whatever week it is celebrated, it is the ideal time for you to show your appreciation and love for this important person. At the same time, finding a suitable gift for Father’s Day is often a concern. We are happy to help you because we are convinced that a beautiful men’s scarf is a beautiful and special gift for him.

A suitable gift for Father’s Day

Success is assured, because the scarves are not only beautiful, unique and made and selected with care. When you know the story behind the scarves you will appreciate them even more. And your father soon too. We know for sure.

gift for father's day
Dark blue scarf with raindrop motif

Not just any gift

In our webshop you will certainly find a beautiful scarf for your father. Not only does it look beautiful and we’re sure you won’t find it anywhere else. He has some special features.

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Woven in the countryside in the northeast of Thailand

In the small farming communities, the women seek out the coolness under the house during the hot season. There are large looms with always a work in development.

Colored with dyes from nature

The scarf is made of super soft rayon yarn. First, dye from nature (often the land near the village) colored the yarn. The natural dyes ensure that there is no burden on the environment.

Grateful weavers

The quality of the work of the experienced Thai weavers makes the scarves a special gift. Poor farmers try to earn a little extra in this way and get through the hot season. We bought your scarf directly from one of these ladies.

She has woven it for you with care and experience and is proud of the result. And we paid the asking price for it. A fair amount for good work. These ladies are happy with your support.

This year a special gift for Father’s Day

No doubt your father will appreciate that you went looking for an original gift this year. Every time he wears his scarf, he will think of you for a moment.

Tell him how his scarf

  • is Woven with care
  • The environment was spared
  • The weavers can survive

and he will appreciate your gift even more

Your story in combination with the softness of the scarf, the motif and the natural colors make this scarf a more than successful gift.

Don’t hesitate, spoil your father

Choose a scarf in our store that gives it the extra look it deserves. A scarf that goes well with his suit or overcoat. It combines with his favorite casual wear.

Put it in your shopping cart and order it.

The same day we will send the scarf to the address of your choice.

Not satisfied money back

And if you don’t like the scarf, you can return it within 14 days.

Maybe he has a blue suit

If you look around you, you see blue suits everywhere.

Dark green scarf with blue pattern
Dark blue indigo scarf

There is a good chance that your father will also work in blue. But how will you make him stand out in the blue crowd? We are happy to give a few color combinations with a blue suit/costume.

Business, creative or daring, many combinations are possible. Read more about which color scarf goes with a blue suit.

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