a special scarf for him

Your gift for him

Your gift for him this time is one with a message. Because by giving a beautiful men’s scarf as a gift, you say more. Not only does he see that you have thought carefully about your gift. And that you made extra time for him to find which scarf suits him perfectly. You also tell him that you are going for a sustainable planet in which there is no room for waste and pollution.

At the bottom of this page we tell you how we make your gift even more personal. Only for him. Success assured! Giving him his present is something for you to look forward to with impatience.

That’s why it’s good to know that thanks to your purchase, families have enough to eat all year round and (grand) children can go to school

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Your gift for him is more than just a scarf

a gift for him

It’s not just beautiful words. His gift is made entirely by hand. His gift has been carefully worked on.
Feel free to tell him how his scarf was made.
That somewhere in the Thai countryside, a weaver thread by thread woven this unique scarf for him.

Naturally dyed by the weaver

a sustainable dyeing of your gift for him

And that this lady first dyed the yarn with dye from nature. That the raw materials came from the fields near her house. Indigo blue dye is a good example of this.

Thread by thread woven by hand

Then, when the yarn was the right color, she came up with a pattern and color combination. And went weaving for one, two or three days. Thread by thread she sent the spool of thread between the warp. As long as the scarf was ready.

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Experienced weavers

Your charity as a gift for him

Because The Happy Scarf only visits experienced weavers of middle age, the quality of your gift is also excellent.

Often the looms are under the houses. Wind and shade provide cooling here. There is almost always a neighbor who provides company.

Weaving is a social event

weaving your present for him

In some villages the looms are in a communal building.
Weaving is then a social event.
There is a lot of laughing and talking. Experience and techniques are exchanged.
And the woven scarves, when they are finished, are compared and inspected by the weavers.

A charity

poverty and heat in the Thai countryside

There is a lot of poverty in the countryside. Due to the heat and drought, it is sometimes only possible to harvest once a year. Extra income is necessary to get through the year well. The women contribute with their scarves and shawls.

That is why it is good to know that thanks to your purchase, families have enough to eat all year round and (grand) children can go to school.

We are always welcomed with open arms on our purchasing trips. The weavers are happy that they receive a fair price for their scarves. This way we show our appreciation for the care and attention they have put into making the scarves.

Which scarf will it be?

Tastes differ.
Our blue scarves are very popular.
Blue combines easily and is a safe choice.
Maybe he often wears a blue suit and you can use our tips.

But maybe he prefers a casual style.
Fortunately, you know his taste and you have more than enough choice in our store.

The women’s scarves of The Happy Scarf

Scarves have long ceased to be a fashion accessory for women only.
Most scarves are worn by both men and women.
However, there are certain scarves and shawls that are especially popular with women.
But more about that in another blog.

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