Golden yellow scarf | enjoy a super soft scarf

golden yellow scarf
golden yellow scarf

We regularly draw attention to a scarf. This time it is a golden yellow scarf that can be worn by both men and women. The scarf stands out because of its beautiful soft shiny color.

  • A sustainable scarf
  • Handmade and a nice addition to your wardrobe

She told us she worked two days to make this scarf for you

Confident with this golden yellow scarf

We have never seen this golden yellow scarf before. It stands out for its soft hue. Yellow is a radiant color that accentuates your strong and cheerful nature. You radiate optimism, energy, wisdom and warmth when you wear this yellow scarf. This scarf makes you active and confident.

You can easily combine yellow with gray, beige, white, blue, green, turquoise, purple and other shades of yellow.

The mango tree and turmeric made the golden yellow color

We were able to buy a fresh yellow and a golden yellow scarf. This soft golden yellow scarf is also dyed with natural dyes. No synthetic paint is used to give it its color.

Our weavers went into nature and mixed the raw materials according to an old recipe. For this scarf they used the bark of the mango tree and turmeric root. The ingredients were boiled, mixed with spices to finally dye the yarn yellow.

two days work

The yarn was given multiple yellow baths. And like all our scarves, this beautiful piece is woven by hand in Thailand.

We drove to the province Sakon Nakhon in the northeast of the country to buy this scarf from the weaver. She told us that she worked two days to make this scarf for you.

Order in time

Do you like him? Don’t wait too long, we don’t want to disappoint you. Order and we will send it to you soon!


For those who don’t like yellow

Don’t like yellow? Then take a look at our blue and red scarves.

Appreciation and admiration

You stand out and get positive reactions when you wear this special scarf. And you score extra points when you talk about

  • The handicraft
  • The fair price for the weaver and
  • The natural dyes

You can view and order our entire collection at The Happy Scarf

A charity

loom with weaver

You don’t just take good care of nature. We buy the scarves directly from the Thai weavers, usually ladies from the age of forty to old age. They try to generate some income when there is no work on the land.

Also on behalf of the lady behind the loom, we thank you for your support!

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