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Hand-spun cotton – features and benefits

detail hand-spun cotton

Hand-spun cotton is a natural fibre made by picking, pitting, fluffing, carding, rolling and spinning cotton bolls. The result is a soft, breathable and versatile yarn suitable for weaving garments, scarves, shawls and other textile products.

The yarn has an uneven thickness, giving more structure and depth to the fabric. The result is a soft, breathable and versatile yarn suitable for weaving garments, scarves, shawls and other textile products. It is also durable, eco-friendly and fair, as it does not use chemical dyes or machinery.

The advantages of hand-spun cotton


Hand-spun cotton has a number of advantages over other types of cotton, such as combed or mercerised cotton.

First, it is an eco-friendly material because it does not use polluting machinery. So it is better for the planet and for the people who make it.

Secondly, it is a fair product because it gives cotton farmers and spinners a fair price and a dignified income. So it is also better for social justice and economic development.

Finally, hand-spun cotton is durable because it is long-lasting and does not wear out or discolour easily. It is so beautiful that you will be happy and proud to wear it for much longer. So it is also better for your wallet and your wardrobe.

The charm of craft

detail hand-spun cotton

Besides the advantages of hand-spun cotton, it also has a unique charm you won’t find with other types of cotton. It has an uneven thickness, giving more structure and depth to the fabric. It also has a natural sheen and soft texture, making it pleasant to the touch on the skin.

Hand-spun cotton you can dye yourself with natural materials, such as plants, flowers or fruits. It is suitable for both warm and cold seasons, as it insulates and breathes well. You can use it for weaving all kinds of projects, such as jumpers, cardigans, skirts, dresses, tops, trousers, scarves, wraps, cushions, blankets, bags and more.

Why we choose

Even if it comes with a different price tag because craft cannot compete with fast fashion on a price level. Yet we gladly pay that little bit extra to the makers. This way, we support their efforts to preserve tradition and nature. Because how nice would it be if we could still buy hand-spun garments a hundred years from now.

cotton on the plant

We know the whole process, from planting the cotton seeds to the final product. As a result, we buy our clothes differently. We look more critically at the fabrics on sale. We often consciously do not choose factory fabrics and fast fashion. We also recognise chemically dyed fabrics more quickly and increasingly choose sustainably dyed clothes.

Weaving with hand-spun cotton

A few tips for weaving with hand-spun cotton yarn:

hand-spun cotton woven with natural dyes

– Choose a loom suitable for your project. You can use a table loom, a floor loom, a band loom or a weaving frame, depending on the size and shape of your project.

– Choose a warp and weft that match well. You can combine cotton with other natural fibres, such as wool, linen, silk or bamboo, or with synthetic fibres, such as acrylic, nylon or polyester. Make sure you choose the right thickness, density and tension for your warp and weft so that you get a beautiful and sturdy fabric.

hand-spun cotton weaving

– Choose a weaving pattern you like. You can choose from several weaving patterns, such as plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, jacquard weave or honeycomb weave. You can also design your own weave by playing with the colours, stripes, checks, blocks, patterns or borders.

– Enjoy weaving. Weaving with hand-spun cotton is a relaxing and creative activity that can give you great satisfaction and pleasure. You can create your own unique and personalised pieces which you can wear, use or give as gifts.

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Hand-spun cotton scarves

A variety of cotton scarves and shawls are available for you in the statewide shop. Below are a few of our favourites made with hand-spun cotton. All got their colour from plants and flowers.

wide blue cotton scarf
Brown-blue chequered cotton scarf
Brown and blue cotton shawl
cotton table runner

>> more cotton scarves

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