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Selling hand-woven scarves in the Netherlands | our first year

2019 was an exciting year for ‘imaginative’.
It started with the idea of selling hand-woven Thai scarves in Europe.
Then came the purchasing, shipping and importation of the merchandise.
Then the establishment of the VOF, building the website and visiting the first markets. We had many questions and uncertainty.


  • Would it work?
  • Would we like to sell directly in markets?
  • How would Dutch consumers react?
  • Can we sell hand woven scarves from Thailand in Europe?

In the spring we had already warmed up at the Rokin in Amsterdam.
Sold well and saw many friends and acquaintances.
A nice party.
The head was off.

A hot start

hand woven scarves on the market
at the market in park Frankendael

When our first market started in Park Frankendael on 28 July, we did not know whether it was wise to sell scarves on this sweltering summer day, when the sparrows fell dead from the roof.
‘What beautiful scarves, they feel wonderfully soft, and what an original name.’
Passers-by reacted positively, they came with a smile towards ‘statuverbeeld’ and bought.
It started well, the name was well chosen.
We drove back home satisfied at the end of the afternoon.

Gain experience, answer questions and enjoy

with a stuffed car to the market
in a full car to the market

In the meantime, we built up our booth and displayed our merchandise more than ten times. What used to be just a table with scarves slowly grew into a fluttering mobile shop window.

Visitors to the markets felt the dust and asked questions. “What makes the scarves so soft?” ‘Where do they come from?’ “What kind of dust is it?” “Who makes them?” “Are the weavers well paid?” … Our explanation took shape and we made a video. Customers bought for themselves, for their spouse or to give as a gift. They took business cards with them and we also received orders in our web store after the market.

Nice, enthusiastic reactions

Nice to see how happy our customers are with their purchase. What we find is confirmed, they are beautiful, unique and original. ‘And that for a fraction of the price you pay in fashion stores’, said a customer who immediately bought three. We were asked a few times when we will be back.

hand woven scarves leave a comment

That will be next year, 2020, when we come to the Netherlands again. For three months we visit special markets. This time with a new stock of hand-woven scarves from different provinces in Thailand.

A new purchase round

We are now enthusiastically traveling back to Thailand. Ready for a new purchase round. We’ll be back in March and you can find us at a market (maybe near you). As soon as our market agenda is known, we will post it here and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Until then, you can order your scarf at It will be sent immediately so that you can quickly enjoy a unique, original cotton quality scarf.

A nice market near you? Let us know

Your tips for a nice theme market near you are welcome. You can email us about this at or simply respond under this message.

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