the story of the cotton scarves

Handwoven sustainable scarves | The story

They are beautiful! These original, hand-woven sustainable scarves. They are made by poor women from farming villages in Thailand. The scarves are suitable for men and women. And the colors are varied.

Handwoven sustainable scarves and happy weavers

handgeweven sjaals met duurzame verf

Flowers and plants are often used to dye the fabric. As a result, there is no pollution of nature.

And because they are made by hand, no two shawls are the same. You also make the weaver happy with your purchase. She is grateful to you because she gets a fair price for her work. So look further, choose, order and you will soon have a unique item of clothing in your letterbox. Prepare yourself for compliments from friends and acquaintances. Because this scarf looks great on you.

Features of our scarves:

  • Doesn’t itch
  • Handmade
  • Sustainable
  • Suitable for multiple seasons
  • Fair priced
  • Unique
Weaving the scarves

It takes two to three days for the average scarf to be ready.

Many of our scarves are colored with dyes from nature. In this way, the environment is burdened as little as possible.

For every season

cotton fields handwoven sustainable scarves
Cotton fields

The hand-woven sustainable scarf feels wonderfully soft on your skin, it does not itch and makes the scarves suitable for every season. The cold winter months or spring, autumn and summer.

  • In winter, the scarf keeps you nice and warm
  • In the summer the fabric feels cool

This way you can sit outside for a long time, even on a cool summer day.

Men, women and children’s scarves

The scarves are suitable for everyone. They are worn by ladies and gentlemen, young and old.

And they are not fast fashion shawls that disappear in the wardrobe after a season. In a few years, the colors will still combine well with your overcoat, blouse, shirt or sweater.

Where our scarves come from

Our handwoven scarves come from Thailand. We travel all over the country visiting small communities in search of beautiful, good quality scarves.

During the dry season there is no work on the land in the rural areas. Then the women in small, poor villages, put themselves behind the loom. They try to earn extra money with their handicrafts. And they are happy with the extra income.

een weefster weeft met de hand
The weaver receives a fair price for her work

You hear laughter, singing and chatter as the women, usually middle-aged or older, weave the loose threads into a beautiful scarf. It takes two to three days for the average hand-woven sustainable scarf to be ready.

The ladies are proud and critical of their own work and compare each other’s fabrics. You can hardly have a better quality mark. Made with love from the heart is certainly not an exaggeration.

Sustainably made

The loom on which our weavers make their scarves does not require electricity, oil or whatever. The ladies weave the most beautiful scarves with their own energy and muscle power. That in itself is sustainable, but the major environmental benefit comes from the paint that is used.

That paint comes straight from nature. Nature is spared when making the dye and dyeing our scarves. As a result, rivers remain clean, no fish die and the soil is not polluted.

A fair price

een weefgetouw
The loom is often under the house

In such a small community there is often a shop or person who collects the finished products and tries to sell them. We purchase the scarves from such a local contact. Because we want to support this good work, we don’t haggle excessively and we always buy at a fair price that benefits the community.

Nice and soft

Most scarves are washed in a bath of Alkaline water. The high pH value of the soft water makes the fabric supple and soft.

koken van sjaals om ze zacht te maken
The scarves are boiled in Alkaline water to make them soft

A good cause around your neck

With the purchase you help to preserve this beautiful craft. You help poor villagers through the winter.

And these ladies thank you for that.

behind the loom

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