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Lifestyle markets in September and October

In September and October we will again sell our scarves and shawls at various lifestyle markets in the Netherlands.
We bring new hand-woven accessories and expand our range with tablecloths, table runners and placemats.
Everything is, as you are used to from us, sustainably handmade and unique.
These are the lifestyle markets where you can find us after the summer holidays.

lifestyle markt in Nederland
  • 10 september Trotsmarkt bij kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn
  • 17 september Sunday market op het Museumplein in Amsterdam
  • 24 september Sunday market op het Rokin in Amsterdam
  • 30 september Puurnatuur markt in Wassenaar
  • 1 oktober Sunday market op het terrein van de Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam
  • 7 oktober herfstmarkt in Biddinghuizen
  • 8 oktober Trotsmarkt bij kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn
  • 14 oktober herfstmarkt Trotsmarkt in Ugchelen
  • 15 oktober Trotsmarkt bij kasteel Rozendaal in Arnhem
  • 22 oktober Sunday market op het Museumplein in Amsterdam
  • 29 oktober Pure markt in park Frankendael in Amsterdam

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at one of these markets again.

About TheHappyScarf

Onze duurzaam gemaakte sjaals op een markt in Nederland

TheHappyScarf is a company that focuses on making sustainable scarves and shawls.
We ensure that cotton is grown in a sustainable manner and that as little water as possible is used.
The scarves are woven by hand by experienced weavers in the Thai countryside.
Making the scarves is 100% handmade and the paint used comes from flowers and plants and does not pollute nature.
The scarves are unique and original, often the weaver only made one.
The scarves are of high quality and bought from the weavers for a fair price.

About the lifestyle markets

  • The Sunday Market is a monthly market that takes place at various locations in Amsterdam.
    Here you can find art, fashion, design and food and drink.
  • The Trots Market is a market where people are passionate about what they offer.
    Here you will find a very wide range from dry sausage to hip swimwear and from fresh honey to modern home furnishings.
  • The Pure Markt is a traveling Sunday market that you can find at three permanent, green, car-free locations in Amsterdam.
  • The Autumn Market ‘t Leesten is an annual market that takes place at ‘t Leesten in Ugchelen.
    Here you can find nice stalls with, among other things, clothing, jewelry and home accessories.
  • Pure nature market in Wassenaar is held every last Saturday of the month from 10 am to 5 pm in the Van Hogendorpstraat in Wassenaar.

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