Beige scarf with light blue block pattern


Familiar Classic and beautiful

  • Beige color with indigo blue checkered pattern
  • square motif
  • Woven by hand
  • Colored with dyes from nature
  • Made of rayon (natural fibers from eucalyptus tree, bamboo and wood chips)
  • your charity
  • Length: 200 cm
  • Width: 36 cm
  • Approx. 300 grams
  • Shipping within 24 hours
  • Not satisfied money back

washing and ironing instructions

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This beige scarf with light blue has a familiar pattern from a distance.
Even though the drawing is known, the scarf is original.
We have never seen this combination of beige with light and dark blue before.
In addition, the scarf is softly shiny and feels super soft.
These are properties of rayon, the material of the yarn.
This square panel scarf is super strong.

Made on wooden loom

Like our other scarves, this beige scarf with light blue is also handmade on a wooden loom.
Weaving techniques are passed on from generation to generation.
This pattern requires a lot of experience.
Only the most experienced weavers make this beautiful scarf.

Paint from nature

Before weaving, the yarn is dyed.
The dye comes from nature.

The blue of this scarf comes from the indigo plant.
The beige color comes from tree bark.
Here you can read how indigo dye is made.
This scarf is worn by both men and women.
It falls smoothly around the neck and feels nice and soft.

The scarf was woven by the elderly, the disabled and farmers who could use your support.
It only increases your appreciation for this fine piece of craftsmanship.

This special scarf does not only look great on you, you will also enjoy wearing it for years.

More information about the scarves from Sakon Nakhon can be found here.

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An original gift

Are you looking for an original gift for her or for him?
And at the same time a good cause with a message?
Then you are definitely in the right place with this beige hand-woven scarf.

A few features of this beautiful scarf:

super soft
soft shiny
woven by hand

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