blue and brown cotton folder


width: 11 cm
length: 15 cm
inside of strong hemp
blue colour of the indigo plant
brown colour of the cotton
gift suggestion

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This blue and brown cotton folder is super handy.
What makes the folder so special is the hand-woven fabric on the outside and the reinforced hemp inside.
This reinforcement prevents the fabric from tearing and keeps your stuff safe.
You can easily store your pens in it so you always have your writing utensils at hand.
There is only one copy of it so it is unique.

There are even more things you can use this blue and brown cotton folder for.
Here are some ideas:

Business cards
Coins and change
Cables and plugs to charge your phone
USB sticks and memory cards


het weven van een sjaal

Like our scarves and table cotton, the fabric is woven in the old-fashioned way.
Pure handwork on a wooden loom.
The blue colour comes from the indigo plant and ensured that nature was not polluted.

An ideal gift

It is an affordable gift for yourself or someone special.
With this sustainable gift, you show your commitment to the environment and show that you have put work into finding something special.
It is a slow fashion folder that you will use every day for years to come.
A useful gift and something different from a gift voucher, mug, scented candle or plant.

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