Blue and white scarf with interrupted stripe pattern


Blue and white scarf with interrupted stripe pattern
Longitudinal stripes
Woven by hand
Colored with paint from the indigo plant
Thin yarn
Tightly woven
Made of rayon (natural fibers from eucalyptus trees, bamboo and wood chips)
With your purchase you support the weaver
A beautiful gift from nature
Length: 210 cm
Width: 40 cm
Approx. 300 grams

washing and ironing instructions

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Blauw witte sjaal met onderbroken streepmotief

This blue and white scarf with interrupted stripe pattern was made by hand.
Not only the weaving was done manually on a wooden loom.
The yarn is colored with natural dyes.
The weaver used the traditional way to extract the dye for the blue yarn of this shawl from the indigo plant.

The blue and white scarf with interrupted stripe pattern shines slightly and has a luxurious look.
It is woven quite tightly so that it protects against the cold.
The scarf looks great with a suit or a dress coat.
But it also fits perfectly with casual wear.
It is worn by both men and women.

This blue and white scarf with a broken stripe pattern feels extra soft, which is one of the characteristics of rayon, the material from which it is made.

Weaving for extra income

houten weefgetouw

In the hot countryside, farmers only harvest once a year.
The produce of the land is not enough to live on.
That’s why women have been weaving beautiful fabrics on their looms for decades.
They received the techniques from their mother, grandmother and neighbours.
Tradition, respect for nature, care and love, it’s all in this scarf.
It only increases your appreciation for this fine piece of craftsmanship.

The weaver who made this shawl for you received a fair price for her work.
She is happy with your support.

With paint from the indigo plant

indigo verf om de sjaals te kleuren

The blue of this scarf comes from the indigo plant.
Here you can read how natural dye is extracted from this plant.

It is a special scarf.
He not only looks beautiful on you,
you will also enjoy wearing it for years to come.
And you help the weaver with it.

An original gift

Are you looking for an original gift for her or for him?
And at the same time a good cause with a message?
Then you are definitely in the right place with this hand-woven scarf.

A few features of this beautiful scarf:

super soft
soft shiny
woven by hand
made with respect for you and nature

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