Blue-grey scarf with brown and yellow


Cotton with rayon yarn
Grey-blue, brown, yellow and green
You pay the weaver a fair price
Does not itch
Warm and comfortable to wear
Length: 196 cm
Width: 39 cm
Weight: approx. 300 grams

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This blue-grey scarf with brown and yellow detail is made of cotton and rayon.
The scarf was tightly woven so that it protects well against cold and wind.
The green rayon yarn of the warp makes the scarf extra strong and creates fine green fringes at the ends.

At first, the cotton feels slightly stiffer than wool.
The more often you wash the fabric, the softer this scarf feels.

This blue-grey scarf with brown and yellow was woven on a wooden loom.
The weaver who made the scarf is able to earn extra income during the months when there is no yield from the land thanks to the sale of her fabrics.
You are paying her a fair price for her work with this purchase.
She is grateful to you.

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This blue-grey scarf with brown only gets softer

The fabric still feels a little stiff at first.
This is because, before weaving, the yarn was washed in rice water.
This allows the threads to be tightened and woven evenly.
The more often it is washed, the more supple the cotton will soon be around your neck and shoulders.

Look in detail at the many colours of this wide scarf.
The scarf is 196 cm long and 39 cm wide.

You will appreciate this handmade garment accessory more and more.
Especially when you look in detail at how the blue-grey scarf is made with brown.

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About this scarf

It protects you from the cold all year round.
The longer you wear it the more attached you become to it.
Its texture and story mean you are guaranteed to enjoy this sustainable gift for years to come.

Gift tip

This unique scarf is the ideal way to put someone in the spotlight.
The story of this scarf shows how much care you put into choosing your gift.

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