blue and light beige scarf from Mukdahan



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A scarf from Mukdahan is an ideal and unique gift with a message from nature.

The scarf was woven with care for you.

And you help the poor weavers with your purchase.

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Woven by hand

In the hot countryside agricultural yields are limited.
Housewives try to supplement the meager income by weaving fabrics.
This tradition has been around for decades and mothers pass them on to their daughters.

The ladies take all the time to weave the fine scarves.
They use ancient techniques to dye the yarn in advance.
After weaving, the scarves are washed in water with a high pH content so that they become soft.
It increases wearing comfort.

An original gift

Are you looking for an original gift for her or for him?
And at the same time a good cause with a message?
Then this hand-woven scarf is the right choice for you.
You help the poor weaver who made the scarf for you.
The scarf is durable and handmade.
And the chance that someone else will walk around with this scarf is nil.

  • finely woven
  • Spring, summer and autumn scarf
  • natural coloring agents
  • woven by hand
  • soft by washing with alkaline water

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