Blue orange scarf with bars pattern


Show power and originality

  • Dark blue with orange crossbars pattern
  • Woven by hand
  • Colored with dyes from nature
  • Made of rayon (natural fibers from the eucalyptus tree,
  • bamboo and wood chips)
  • your charity
  • Length: 180 cm
  • Width: 38 cm
  • About 250 grams

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We’ve never seen this blue-orange scarf with a fine bar pattern before.
It is a daring color combination that works well.
You can wear this scarf on (azure) blue, pink, green, black and white.
You can wear this blue-orange scarf both casually and dressed.
Like all our scarves, it is made with care where the orange color of the pattern contrasts nicely with the dark blue base.

Your scarf is woven by hand

When it’s hot in the Thai countryside, ladies get behind the loom.
The looms are usually located under the house in a place where the wind can provide cooling.
Often a neighbor keeps the weaver company.

Sometimes several looms are placed together.
Weaving thus becomes a communal activity and a meeting place for neighbours.
There is a friendly, cheerful atmosphere.
There is a lot of laughter and fabrics are compared.

The paint also comes from nature

The yarn is dyed before weaving.
Indigo often grows near the weavers’ houses.
This blue plant forms the basis of the dye with which the yarn is colored.
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About the weavers

The weavers are mostly middle-aged.
They learned weaving techniques from their mothers and grandmothers.
The time and care that has gone into making the fabrics only increases your appreciation for this scarf.

More information about the scarves from Sakhon Nakhon can be found here.

An original gift

Are you looking for an original gift for her or for him?
And at the same time a good cause with a message?
Then this hand-woven scarf is the right choice for you.

A few features of this beautiful scarf:

super soft
soft shiny
indigo blue dye mixed with orange yarn
woven by hand

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 200 × 32 cm

180 x 38 cm


250 gram