Blue tablecloth with embroidered border


Indigo blue tablecloth
Cotton with rayon pattern
White embroidered border
Blue colour of the indigo plant
Edge pattern embroidered by hand
Width: 194
Length: 97


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This blue tablecloth with embroidered border upgrades any table.
The cotton yarn was coloured in a bath of blue dye from the indigo plant.
The fabric was then hand-woven on a wooden loom by an experienced weaver.
The outer edges of the tablecloth are decorated with embroidery.
The whole combines beauty from nature with durability.
It is a tablecloth that you will enjoy for years to come.

At Staatjebeeldig, each rug tells a story of craftsmanship and fair trade; with us, you are not only buying a product but also a connection with the artisans.

Transform your dining space with this ornate tablecloth and embrace a unique combination of tradition, quality and aesthetics.


spinnen van katoen

This blue tablecloth with embroidered border was made by experienced weavers.
The cotton threads were dyed with the dye from the indigo plant.
Some four dye baths were needed to achieve the blue colour.
So a lot of time and work goes into this beautiful decorative fabric.
You can see the love and craftsmanship of the makers every time this blue tablecloth with embroidered border decorates your table.


katoenvelden bij Sakon Nakhon

So this tablecloth is not only a decorative item, but also a sustainable choice.
By choosing it, you are contributing to a more sustainable world.
The cotton is a natural material and grew without excessive irrigation in Thailand.
So no empty rivers and lakes but efficient use of the water that irrigates the land during the rainy season.
Moreover, the dye of this tablecloth comes from plants.
No harmful chemicals have been used in the production process.
You not only support the weavers but also the ancient craft and the natural production processes we use.

A gift with a story

blauwe kleurstof uit de indigoplant halen

You might see in your mind’s eye this beautiful blue tablecloth with embroidered border on a friend or relative’s table.
It is an ideal gift that always scores.
Because you’re not just giving a lasting gift.
The story of this gift proves that you have put work into your search for something special.

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Are you as charmed by this beautiful piece of craftsmanship as we are?
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