Brown cotton scarf


Brown cotton scarf
Natural colour of brown cotton
You pay the weaver a fair price for her work
Superior quality
Does not itch
Can be worn all year round
Length: 195 cm
Width: 40 cm
Weight: approx. 300 grams

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natuurlijke kleur van katoen wit en bruin

This brown cotton scarf comes straight from nature.
This scarf is not dyed but has the natural colour of cotton.
In Thailand, we harvest three colours of cotton.
White, brown and (rare) green cotton.
It is from the brown cotton that, by hand, the fine threads of the brown scarf are spun.
Then, on her loom, the weaver carefully wove the fabric for you over two or three days.
She did not weave too tightly, creating an airy scarf that falls smoothly around the neck.
This hand-spun brown cotton scarf has many hours of work in it.

The fine cotton still feels a little stiff at first.
This is because the yarn was washed in rice water beforehand.
That way, the threads could be woven tight and strong.
Despite the slightly harder yarn, it already feels nice and falls nicely but gets softer after each wash.
It is a scarf you will enjoy for years.

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Weefgetouw in de schaduw voor een huis

The cotton was woven on a wooden loom.
The weaver who made the shawl can earn extra income during the months when there is no yield from the land thanks to the sale of her fabrics.
You are paying her a fair price for her work with this purchase.

If you look at the brown cotton scarf in detail, you will see that the yarn is uneven in thickness.
Only hand-spun cotton has this characteristic.

This brown cotton scarf is quite tightly woven.
This keeps you nice and warm even on colder days.
And, another advantage, the cotton does not itch.

Brown scarf without dyes

bruin katoen

No chemicals pollute our weavers’ rivers.
This is because the yarns of our scarves are dyed with dyes from nature.
This scarf is an exception as the yarn has its natural brown colour.
This characteristic and the honest handwork make this brown scarf a sustainable product.

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You shine with this beautiful scarf with a message.

That nature doesn’t have to suffer in the making of this beautiful fabric is a big plus.

The scarf is 195 cm long and 40 cm wide.
You will appreciate this handmade accessory more and more.

Especially now that you know how this brown cotton scarf is made.
This is the result of days of work with care for detail and beauty.

About the hand-spun brown cotton scarf

katoen spinnen met de hand

You can wear this hand-spun cotton scarf all year round.
It is a beautiful scarf that pairs well and feels comfortable.
The longer you wear it, the more attached you become to it.
Because of its structure and story, you are guaranteed to enjoy this sustainable gift from nature for years to come.

From cotton to scarf

katoenvelden bij Sakon Nakhon
The cotton of this scarf is hand-picked in the Thai countryside.
het spinnen van het garen
After picking the cotton, a spinner turned it into long threads.
No machine can fake this.

achter het weefgetouw

Then our weavers turned it into this beautiful scarf.

Gift tip

Now that you know how much time and care were put into this scarf, it might be hard to part with it.
Still, it is a great way to put someone in the limelight with it.
The story of this scarf shows how much care you put into picking out your gift.

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