Checked summer scarf with pink and beige


Checked summer scarf with pink and beige
Painted in volcanic clay
Only 1 copy
Tightly woven
Thin wire
Length: 180cm
Width: 55 cm
Weight: Approx. 200 grams
You pay the weaver a fair price for her work

Washing instructions

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This checked summer scarf with pink and beige is super soft and strong.
You can wear it on cool summer evenings.
It is tightly woven with a very thin thread.
The scarf falls smoothly around your neck and feels cool.

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Woven in Buriram

fijne zomersjaals weven in Buriram

In Buriram the temperature is almost the same all year round.
It fluctuates on average between 32 °C and 22 °C.
Always warm and not really the weather for a thick warm scarf.
The scarves from Buriram are therefore particularly suitable for the warmer months.
This is due to the fine thread with which they are woven.

The weavers make the most beautiful scarves on a wooden loom.
The tradition of weaving is passed on from generation to generation.
Read about this in How are our hand-woven scarves made?
This fine checked summer scarf with pink and beige was also woven with care.

Finely woven
Thin wire
Spring, summer and autumn scarf
Dyed with dyes from nature
woven by hand
softened by washing with alkaline water

dankbare weefster

Our weavers live in a dry environment for a large part of the year.
When there is no work in the fields, try them through the weave of their cloth in contributing to the family income.
They are very grateful for your support.

An original gift

een sjaal of omslagdoek van staatjebeeldig is een origineel cadeau

Are you looking for an original gift for her or for him?
And reach a good cause with a message?
Then you are definitely in the right place with this hand-woven scarf.



Weight 200 g
Dimensions 180 × 55 cm
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