Classic green scarf with blue


This scarf gives you color

  • green color
  • Woven by hand
  • Colored with dyes from nature
  • Made of rayon (natural fibers from eucalyptus tree, bamboo and wood chips)
  • your charity
  • Length: 2 m
  • Width: 32 cm
  • About 300 grams

* washing and ironing instructions

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You radiate class with this classic green scarf with a blue indigo diamond pattern.
It can be combined well with evening wear and a dress suit, but this scarf also fits well with a casual clothing style.
It is solid in color and the blue indigo threads are modestly incorporated into the weave.

Colorants from nature

The dyes of the scarf come from the fields at the weavers.
The green is the result of the mixture of Indigo blue dye with the yellow dye from the mango tree.
The blue of this classic green scarf with blue comes from the indigo plant.
Here you can read how natural dye is extracted from this plant.

Your support is welcome

With your purchase you help the elderly, the disabled and poor farmers in Northeast Thailand.
In the hot, dry season, our weavers try to supplement the family income by weaving their fabrics.
Under their house is the wooden loom on which the scarves are woven.
The techniques are passed on from generation to generation.






A few features of this beautiful scarf:

  • super soft
  • soft shiny
  • indigo blue dye mixed with the yellow color of mango/turmeric gives the green color
    woven by hand

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 200 × 32 cm

200 x 32 cm


300 gram

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