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cotton blue scarf with brown beige


  • Cotton scarf with brown and beige
  • Handspun
  • Woven by hand
  • With blue indigo paint from nature
  • your charity
  • Superior quality
  • does not itch
  • Can be worn all year round
  • Cotton
  • Length: 1 m 95 cm
  • Width: 40 cm
  • Weight: about 350 grams

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It couldn’t be more sustainable

Knowing how this blue cotton scarf with brown beige thread was made will make you enjoy it even more.
Because this pure scarf is completely natural and sustainably made.
It is made according to the ancient Thai tradition where respect for nature and beauty are paramount.
And made entirely by hand.
Up close you can see the careful work of the weaver.
There is no second copy of this scarf.

It took three baths in natural indigo dye to give the scarf its mid-blue color.
The indigo blue main color is broken up with a brown beige thread of different thickness.
These colors subtly run through the scarf.
Two white fish patterns decorate the fabric.

Look closely and you can see how the uneven threads are nicely woven together.
Because the yarn is spun by hand, the thread is not equally thick everywhere, which gives the scarf extra structure.

blauwe katoenen sjaal met bruin beige

Woven with a not too thick cotton thread, this scarf is suitable for all year round.
This durable leisure scarf will also last for years.

It is the dyes from nature, the hand-spun cotton in different thicknesses and the quality of the weave that make it stand out.

About the cotton indigo blue scarf with brown beige

This scarf is finely and airy woven so that it is an ideal scarf for the early and late season and the summer months.
It is a lovely leisure scarf that feels comfortable and falls smoothly around the shoulders.
The longer you wear it, the more attached you become to it.
Due to its structure and story, you are guaranteed to enjoy this sustainable gift from nature for years to come.

It couldn’t be more natural

No machine was used to make this scarf.
Everything is handmade.
The scarf is colored with dyes that come directly from nature to the weaver.
It is the result of days of work with care for detail and beauty.

This is the process from cotton to scarf.

katoenvelden bij Sakon Nakhon
The cotton of this scarf is hand picked in the countryside in Sakon Nakhon (province in northeast Thailand).

het spinnen van het garen
After plucking the cotton, a weaver made long threads of it.
If you look closely at the scarf you can see the uneven thickness of the threads, no machine can copy this.

garen droogt na het verven
The yarn is dyed in dyes that come straight from nature.

achter het weefgetouw
After which our weavers made this beautiful scarf.

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