Fijne blauwe zomersjaal met mierenpatroon


  • Summer scarf
    Fine rayon
    Mid blue with black and white
    Thin thread
    Tightly woven
    Ant eggs pattern
    You pay the weaver a fair price
    Made by hand
    Coloured with dyes from nature
    Length: 200 cm
    Width: 36 cm
    Weight: Approx 200 grams

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Fijne blauwe zomersjaal met mierenpatroon

This delicate blue summer scarf with ant pattern is the ideal summer scarf.
It is made of thin rayon yarn that is tightly woven.
The colours come from nature.
The scarf’s fine cotton fabric feels great on hot summer days. It is an ideal summer scarf.

Eggs from ants

We met the lady who designed the scarf.
Proudly, she told us she calls it ant eggs / ants eggs.
She took inspiration for this from the ant colonies at her loom.

mieren eieren een delicatesse in Thailand

In Thailand, the boiled eggs of ants are a delicacy.
They can be found in various dishes, such as spicy raw ant egg salad or ant egg soup.
For the Thai, it is a delicacy and a sustainable food source.

Like its inspiration, a scarf patterned with ant eggs also has sustainable characteristics.
For instance, it is handmade using paint from nature.

Traditional craftsmanship from the countryside

het knopen van de schering voorbereiding weven

There is a lot of handwork and years of craftsmanship in this scarf.
The weaver who made it for you lives in the hot countryside.
As land yields are limited, weavers supplement the family income by selling hand-woven fabrics.

The ladies take all the time they need to weave the fine shawls.
This scarf also contains several days of work.
After weaving, the ladies wash the scarves in water with a high ph content.
This makes them super soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

Paint from nature

indigo planten in water na 24 uur

They dye the yarn blue indigo paint that comes straight from nature.
No dead fish and chemical rivers pollute the precious water that flows near their homes.
It’s an age-old tradition that you support with this purchase.

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Een fijne blauwe zomersjaal met mierenpatroon als origineel cadeau

een sjaal of omslagdoek van staatjebeeldig is een origineel cadeau Ben je op zoek naar een origineel cadeau voor haar of voor hem?
En wil je tegelijkertijd onze weefster steunen?
En de gelukkige ontvanger een boodschap uit de natuur meegeven?
Dan zit je met deze handgeweven sjaal zeker goed.
De sjaal is op een duurzame manier met de hand gemaakt.

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