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Large blue shawl


Large shawl
Dark blue and light blue
Very fine thread
Tightly woven
Falls smoothly
Woven by hand
Colored with dyes from nature
Made from rayon (natural fibers from the eucalyptus tree, bamboo and wood chips)
You pay the weaver a good price
Length: 210 cm
Width: 75 cm
Approx. 350 grams

* washing and ironing instructions

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aan het weefgetouw met de hand gewevenThis large blue shawl is certainly wide at 75 cm.
It falls wide around your shoulders and is well protected against the wind by its tight weave.
The rayon yarn has a very fine thread.
This makes it fall very smoothly.
The scarf is not only strong but also soft.
The blue color comes from the indigo plant.
The yarn had to undergo 6 baths before it reached its dark blue color.
This dark blue alternates with light blue, creating a special drawing.
This scarf is an indispensable accessory in any wardrobe.
Whether you’re looking for a stylish way to complete your outfit, or you’re just looking for a way to stay warm during the cold winter months, this large blue shawl is a perfect choice.
It is a color that both women and men can wear and that combines very easily.

Blue shawl with dye from a grass-green plant

The indigofera plant grows near the houses of our weavers.
The process of extracting the blue dye from this green plant is special to say the least.
It is a technique that has been used for centuries and is passed on from mother to daughter.
Here you can read how natural dye is extracted from this plant.

The softness of the scarf is one of the characteristics of rayon, the material from which it was made.
The fabric also shines slightly.

You pay the weaver a good price

groot blauw omslagdoek

The scarf was woven with care in the hot Thai countryside.
Farmers try to supplement their meager income by selling fabrics.
They are grateful for your purchase.

Read more about this in: ‘How are our hand-woven scarves made?

You can see the weaving craft and care of the weaver when you look closely at the detail of this scarf.
The quality of the craftsmanship only increases your appreciation for this fine piece of craftsmanship.


A color from nature that combines easily

The warp of this blue shawl has a dark blue color that accentuates the pattern.
The dye of the scarf grows in nature by the weaver.
The indigofera plant provides the blue color that makes the scarf so beautiful.
The rayon yarn used to weave this soft scarf is super soft and slightly shiny.

It is a scarf that easily combines with different styles and colors.
Moreover, blue stands for reliability and security.
It is a color that radiates tranquility, with a blue shawl you always make a stylish and professional impression.
It is a color that matches almost any outfit.
Whether you wear business trousers and a jacket, or casual jeans and a sweater, a blue scarf will always look good.
There are different colors that go well with blue, depending on the clothing style you want to create.

Combine your blue shawl

Below we give you a few examples:

Gray colors often go well with blue.
It goes perfectly with a gray sweater or jacket.
Black garments also go well with a blue scarf, with this combination you create a chic, elegant look.
White is a fresh, classic color that goes well with blue.
For example, a blue scarf on a white blouse or sweater gives you a refined and stylish look.
Brown colors are also a good option to combine with blue, they give you a casual, outdoor look.
How about a blue scarf on a brown coat.
Red colors are a striking choice with a blue scarf.
With the right shades you create a beautiful and harmonious look.
For example, a dark red or burgundy sweater with a blue scarf.

Ultimately it depends on what you like and what suits your personality.
Try out different combinations and see what suits you best!

And whether it is for you or for someone dear to you.
This timeless shawl will provide years of pleasure.

A few features of this beautiful scarf:

super soft
softly shiny
woven by hand

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 200 × 32 cm

200 x 32 cm


300 gram

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