Soft red scarf

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Powerful and self-aware with this scarf

  • Fashion color spring summer 23
  • Cherry tomato effen warm rood
  • Hand-woven
  • Made of rayon (natural fibers from the eucalyptus tree, bamboo and wood chips)
  • You pay the weaver a fair amount
  • Length: 200 cm
  • Width: 32 cm
  • Like 300 grams

* washing and ironing instructions

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This soft red scarf makes you shine

soft red scarfThe soft red scarf is plain and gives you a self-conscious look.
This Cherry Red is one of the colors of the spring and summer collection 23 of the London Fashion week.
Not only does it feel soft. The color of this red scarf is warm and soft on the eyes.
Red is universal and looks good on almost everyone, especially the autumn type can have this scarf very well.
Red is the color of love for a reason.
Attractiveness, temperament and strength are terms that also apply to this scarf.
The warm color of the scarf in combination with the quality of the yarn makes this scarf a top product.
The soft shine of the scarf gives you extra cachet.


weaving with neighbors and friendsThe scarf is woven by hand.
In the hot and dry Thai countryside, the tradition has existed for centuries.
The yield of the land is limited and the yield of substances should supplement the meagre family income.
Yet it’s not all about money. Weaving is a social event.
The weavers are proud of what they make and proudly show the result of their labor.
Neighbors and relatives view and inspect the details of the beautiful scarves.

The weaving techniques are passed on from mother to daughter and with the purchase of this scarf you maintain this tradition.
We hope that weaving by hand will never disappear.

Read more about this in: ‘How are our handwoven scarves made?’

Red is a primary color

Red is a primary color that both men and women can wear.
The scarf contrasts with blue and yellow but can be worn on almost all colors.

Super soft and strong

The scarf feels soft and wears comfortably around the neck.
This softness is one of the characteristics of rayon, the material from which the red scarf was made.
The yarn is also super strong, you can wear the scarf for a long time.

Your charity

Happy weaversThe scarf woven by the elderly, disabled and poor farmers who could use your support.
For generations, the art of weaving has been passed down.

The quality of the work is therefore high.
This and the care that was given to the scarf can all be found when you see the scarf.
No doubt you will appreciate this when the scarf falls into your bus.
Something to look forward to!

Don’t wait any longer to order this red scarf online because not only does it look beautiful to you, you will enjoy it for years.

A few features of this beautiful scarf:

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 200 × 32 cm

200 x 32 cm


300 gram

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