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  • Rayon yarn
  • Natural Dye
  • fine thread
  • Double twisted
  • Suitable for loom, knitting, crochet, embroidery
  • Shipping from Thailand

Price: 49 euros per kilo + shipping costs

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Rayon yarn in various colors | straight from Thailand
We will send you the strong rayon yarn in different colors from Thailand.
The yarn is colored with natural dyes in the north of Thailand.

Rayon is stronger than cotton
It absorbs natural dyes well and retains colors better
It also weaves more smoothly
It does not break easily during weaving
rayon yarn indigo
Double twisted Rayon
Therefore, it is often combined with cotton.
The fine rayon of statuesque is double twined.

Our weavers often use rayon in combination with hand-spun cotton yarn.
They weave evenly, beautiful fabrics in which the structure of the cotton comes into its own.

The dyes are natural
soft pink from nature
Soft pink from nature
All dyes come from nature.
We consciously choose not to work with polluting, chemical paint.
Less polluted rivers and no air pollution are the result.
Also, naturally dyed fabrics cannot lead to allergic reactions.

Making natural dye is an intensive and time-consuming process.
Dye is extracted from plants, fruits, wood, soil, etc., often by means of dyes. Cook .

Our weavers are proud to dye with natural dyes.
And we are happy that we can purchase these sustainable yarns.

Good for the weavers
Making natural dye is an intensive and time-consuming process.
The weavers who dye the yarn are proud of their work.

We are happy that we can purchase these sustainable yarns.
The women receive a good and fair price for their cotton.

Finely spun
The yarn is finely spun, making it suitable for weaving on a loom.

But the yarn is also suitable:

embroidery thread
knit yarn
crochet yarn
More types of yarn, cotton and rayon
We also sell other colored rayon yarns.
And the hand-spun cotton yarn that is often used in combination with rayon.
We send everything directly from Thailand to the Netherlands and Belgium.

We are a small company.
What we have in stock depends on what the weavers spin and dye.
That is why we ask you to fill in the form below.
We tell you in advance what we have in stock and what we can deliver.

Buy Rayon yarn color | price and order method
No skein of cotton is the same in color.
That is the charm of the product and makes the result special.

Before you place an order and pay, we will send you photos of the yarn we supply.
This way you can judge the color yourself first.

Enter your details below without obligation.
Pay attention! This is NOT an order.
We will contact you soon.

Price: 49 euros per kilo + shipping costs

Postage costs
The shipping costs for direct shipping with Thailandpost are:
– 1 kg: 23 euros
– 2 kg: 33 euros

As soon as we receive the payment on our bank account, we will send the package to you.

The goods are sent directly from Thailand to the specified address.
From experience we know that it takes about two to three weeks for the package to arrive in the mailbox.

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