striped scarf with blue, brown, white


  • Gestreepte katoenen sjaal met blauw, bruin, wit
  • Met de hand geweven
  • Met¬†verf uit de natuur
  • Je steunt de weefster
  • Superieure kwaliteit
  • Kriebelt niet
  • Kan het hele jaar door gedragen worden
  • Katoen
  • Lengte: 2 m
  • Breedte: 40 cm
  • Gewicht: ca 280 gram

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The yarn of this striped scarf with blue, brown, white is spun by hand.
Before the weaver started weaving this cotton scarf, she colored the yarn with paint that came directly from nature.
And then she woven the fabric on her loom in a few days.
All this work is in this striped scarf with blue, brown, white.
The stripes run lengthwise across the scarf.

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The scarf is not too thick and not too thin and you can wear it with pleasure all year round.
The yarn is medium in thickness and was woven quite tightly so that the scarf protects well from the wind.
The fabric fits smoothly around your shoulders and can be combined with both casual and neat clothing.

The warp of this scarf has different colors brown, blue and white.
These natural colors run lengthwise across the scarf.

The whole thing feels airy and comfortable.
It is a scarf that you will enjoy for years to come.
The more often you wash the cotton, the softer it feels.

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Loom in the shade in front of a house

The cotton is woven on a wooden loom.
The paint ended up on the scarf with age-old techniques.
That nature does not have to suffer from making this beautiful fabric is a great advantage.

The weaver who made the scarf can earn extra money thanks to the sale of her fabrics during the months when there is no yield from the land.
With this purchase you pay her a fair price for her work.

You can also wear this hand-spun blue scarf in spring, summer and autumn.

This cotton scarf with blue, brown and white is tightly woven

bio paint from woodThe yarn is average and uneven in thickness.
That’s because it was spun by hand.
Combining the natural colors with the main color

No chemicals pollute the rivers at our weavers.
That is because the yarns used in this scarf are dyed with dyes from nature.
The weaver used traditional methods to color the yarn.

The scarf is 2 m long and 40 cm wide.
The pure cotton feels a bit stiff at first.
This is because the yarn was first dipped in rice water for even weaving.

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striped scarf with blue, brown, whiteLook up close and you’ll see how the uneven threads are beautifully woven together.
Because the yarn was spun by hand, the thread is not the same thickness everywhere, this gives the scarf extra structure.

You will appreciate this traditionally made accessory more and more.
Especially now that you know how the cotton scarf is made.

It can’t be more sustainable

The fabric of this hand-spun blue scarf with blue, white and brown was woven by thread by thread.
It is made according to the centuries-old Thai tradition where respect for nature and beauty are paramount.
The cotton is spun by hand.

The white and brown cotton is not dyed.
The blue cotton comes from the indigo plant that grows at the weaver.
This is the result of days of work with care for detail and beauty.

About this cotton scarf

This hand-spun cotton scarf can be worn all year round.
It is a cheerful leisure scarf that feels comfortable.
The longer you wear it, the more attached you become to it.
Because of its structure and story, you are guaranteed to enjoy this sustainable gift from nature for years to come.

From cotton to scarf

katoenvelden bij Sakon Nakhon
The cotton of this scarf is hand-picked in rural northeastern Thailand.

het spinnen van het garen
After picking the cotton, a spinster turned it into long threads.
No machine can copy this.

garen droogt na het verven
The yarn is dyed in dyes that come directly from nature.
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achter het weefgetouw
Then our weavers made this beautiful scarf.

Gift tip

Now that you know how much time and care was put into this scarf, it may be difficult to part with it.
Still, it’s a great way to put someone in the spotlight.
The story of this scarf shows how much care you have put into choosing your gift.

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