Sustainable bag green made of sturdy cotton

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Only 1 copy

  • Green
  • The cotton was spun by hand
  • The fabric was woven by hand
  • The cotton is spun by hand
  • The shoulder bag was colored with dyes from nature
  • It’s your charity
  • Approx. 400 grams
  • Shipping within 24 hours
  • Not satisfied money back

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Sustainable bag green

We only have 1 copy of this shoulder bag.
It is a sustainable bag, green in color and completely handmade, without the intervention of machines.
Before a bag is made from the picked cotton, many actions are required.
You can read how it all works in our blog about our sustainable bags.

Colorants from nature

The dye used comes from nature.
We greatly appreciate this fine piece of craftsmanship and are proud of the result.
It is always nice to give this beautiful gift.
Not only is it a beautiful and special shoulder bag.
It is also a gift with a message from nature.
Your answer to fast fashion.

The green color of the bag is a mixture of indigo blue paint with the yellow paint from the bark of the mango tree and turmeric root.

indigo zaadjes planten

The shoulder bag is completely handmade from planting the cotton seeds to the final product.

This is a special process in which several people participate.

It is important to mention that the farmers as well as the weavers and seamstresses receive a fair price for their work.
They are very happy with your support.

Features of our shoulder bags

  • They are unique, because no two bags are the same
  • And super strong, durable and original at the same time
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • They have an extra reinforced bottom
  • And were spun by hand
  • And handwoven
  • The colors come straight from nature including:
    • Blue from the indigo plant
    • Yellow from the mango tree
    • Green by mixing the yellow of mango with the blue indigo paint
  • The handles are strong and firmly attached by the seamstresses, so you can carry heavy bottles without worry.

    Despite all this work, the high quality and durability, this bag is not expensive.
    Because for only € 22,- you have an original gift for yourself or someone else.

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