Table runner yellow with green


  • Woven by hand
  • Colorants from nature
  • your charity
  • Yellow with green
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Length: 200 cm

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This table runner yellow and green cotton is woven by hand.
The cotton table runner is made in-house by our weavers.
They used strong rayon yarn and hand-spun cotton from Thailand.
The sophisticated combination of both colors creates a yellow runner with a green glow

Sustainability comes first


The cotton is grown in Thailand with respect for nature.
The uneven thickness of yarn is one of the details that makes this table runner so special.
It shows that the cotton has been spun by hand.
The color is another special detail.
Because only natural paint was used.
Finally, our weavers made the fabric on their wooden loom.

Unique cotton table runner yellow with green

Even though many of our table runners have the same characteristics, no two are the same.
The pure craftsmanship and the dyes used make the difference.


gele verf uit de natuurThe color of this table runner in yellow with green cotton comes straight from nature.
You can choose from different shades.
Many of our table runners have yellow and golden yellow in their pattern.
Some are yellow green, yellow blue, yellow brown or solid yellow.

Upgrade your table with a table runner

One of the advantages of a runner on your table is the visibility of your dining room furniture.
The runner gives it an extra accent without hiding the table.
Decorate your table with a runner and a vase with flowers or a beautiful fruit bowl.
In this way you bring out the beauty of your table and give it a new life.

Features of the table runners

weefster aan het werk achter het weefgetouw

  • The warp is made of extra strong rayon
  • Hand-spun cotton is the weft.
  • The table runner is dyed with dyes from nature
  • Without the use of chemical paint or fixer
  • A sunny series of table runners

An original gift

With this gift and the story that goes with it, you say something extra to the lucky recipient.

Your message is clear:

  • This person deserves something unique
  • You have worked hard on your search for a special gift
  • Nature and the survival of our planet are important to you
  • You have an eye for beauty

Limited stock

We have a limited stock and only sent fifteen table runners in different colors to the Netherlands.
We have different types.