Thin light blue scarf with yellow and white


Thin light blue scarf with yellow and white
Woven by hand
With paint from nature
Falls smoothly
Tightly woven
Fine thread
You pay the weaver a fair price for her work
Doesn’t itch
Can be worn all year round
Length: 192 cm
Width: 37 cm
Weight: approx. 250 grams

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weven op een houten weefgetouwThis thin light blue scarf with yellow and white is very special.
The weaver made this scarf for you in a few days.
And the result is impressive.
The light blue color in combination with the soft yellow makes this scarf unique.
This beautiful scarf falls smoothly around the shoulders and feels soft.

You can wear it all year round

indigo verf maken

The scarf is tightly woven and the fine fabric feels super soft.
It is a special scarf that you can also wear in spring, summer and autumn.
He not only gives you warmth but also admiration.

All colors come from plants and flowers in nature near the weaver’s village.
Before weaving, the weaver dyed the yarn using time-honored techniques.
The tradition of dyeing and weaving is passed on from generation to generation.

This scarf is also a scarf that you will enjoy for years to come, not only because of the original color combination but also because of the strong material.

It couldn’t be more sustainable

dunne lichtblauwe sjaal met geel en wit

This thin light blue scarf has its own story.
This pure scarf is made entirely by hand and sustainably.

No machine was used to make this scarf.
It is made according to the age-old Thai tradition where respect for nature and beauty come first.
The yarn was dyed and woven by an experienced weaver from the village.
This is the result of days of work with care for detail and beauty.


About the thin light blue scarf with yellow and white

This scarf is a wonderful leisure scarf that feels comfortable and falls smoothly.
The longer you wear it, the more attached you become to it.
Now that you know how it was made, you are guaranteed to enjoy this sustainable gift from nature for a long time.

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