yellow-green shawl


  • Length: 1.80 m
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Weight: Approx 300 grams
  • Handmade
  • Colored with dyes from nature
  • your charity


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het fijne garen van Mukdahan

This yellow-green shawl was woven by hand in Mukdahan (Northeast Thailand).
Because the temperature in this region is high all year round, the weavers use thin yarns.
As a result, this scarf can be worn all year round.

It is an original gift of which no two are the same.
In addition to originality, you also opt for sustainability with this purchase.
No polluted rivers, no heavy machinery and no (child) labor for a meager wage.
Because, like most imaginative scarves, the yarn of this yellow-green shawl is dyed with dyes from nature.

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Traditionally woven

This yellow-green shawl was woven with care for you.
Mukdahan has a long and hot dry season.
When it is not possible to work in the countryside, housewives put themselves behind the loom.
They use the old traditional weaving method that is passed on from mother to daughter.
For example, they try to supplement the meager income by weaving fabrics.
By buying this shawl you help the families.

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