yellow scarf


Cheerfulness, warmth and positivity
yellow scarf
Woven by hand
Colored with dyes from nature
Made of rayon (natural fibers from eucalyptus tree, bamboo and wood chips)
your charity
Length: 200 cm
Width: 32 cm
About 300 grams

* washing and ironing instructions

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A sustainable yellow scarf

With a yellow scarf you radiate freedom and zest for life.
Yellow represents optimism and energy.

The yellow scarf can be combined well with:

other yellow shades
beige and white

The yellow color comes from sustainable paint that has been responsibly sourced from nature.
The rayon yarn from which the scarf is made is strong, supple and wonderfully soft.

Everything is handmade

The wood of the mango tree forms the basis for the color.
Several baths were needed to give the yarn its beautiful yellow color.
The weavers dyed the yarn themselves.

After dyeing, the scarf was woven by hand on a wooden loom.
Experienced weavers, middle-aged ladies, the disabled and poor farmers made the fabric.
They carefully weaved this beautiful yellow scarf for you, thread by thread.
Read more about this in: ‘How are our handwoven scarves made?’
The result only increases your appreciation for this fine piece of craftsmanship.
The weavers can use all the support and are well paid by the state.
They receive a fair price for their labor.

Super soft and slightly shiny

The scarf feels very nice and soft.
That is one of the characteristics of rayon, the material from which it was made.
This material was deliberately chosen because it absorbs and retains colorants from nature well.
An additional advantage of rayon is the soft shine.
It gives your yellow scarf a luxurious look.

You radiate cheerfulness, warmth and positivity

The scarf is timeless and you can enjoy it for years.
Both men and women can wear it.
This soft, yellow scarf is also nice to give as a gift.

More information about Sakon Nakhon, the province where the scarf comes from, can be found here.

A few features of this beautiful scarf:

super soft
soft shiny
woven by hand

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 200 × 32 cm

200 x 32 cm


300 gram

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