scarf for autumn

You can find a scarf for autumn at The Happy Scarf

scarf for autumn

It’s autumn again. Despite the cooler temperatures, it is not yet weather for a winter coat. A scarf for autumn completes your wardrobe for this transitional season.

Because you leave that thick winter coat in the closet for as long as possible. You would rather wear a jacket or vest with an extra layer of protection against the cold. Combine it with a scarf of statuesque and you are ready for autumn.

Sustainable handwoven scarf for this fall

Our scarves suit both a formal and casual clothing style. They are slightly shiny and feel wonderfully soft. It is the special rayon yarn that gives them that luxurious look.

In addition, our scarves are woven by hand. We explain it in ‘how our hand-woven scarves are made’. And that we consciously choose natural dyes.

Slow fashion

handwoven scarfs

With a scarf of The Happy Scarf you buy slow fashion. Slow certainly applies because some scarves or shawls are worked for three days. And then we don’t count the dyeing of the yarn. This has sometimes had as many as six color baths.

The main argument for choosing slow fashion is that there is no waste of material and labor. Care and respect for the materials used are part of slow fashion. Attention to the environment and the workforce wins over profit targets and competitive positions.

Present from nature

indigo organic paint

The conscious choice for natural dyes slows down the entire process considerably. Nevertheless, we fully support this choice. It remains fascinating that nature gives us the most beautiful colors as a gift. It is therefore an eternal sin not to handle this carefully.

A fair price


Our weavers work carefully. They are proud of the result of their work. They shine when they tell you how they made the colors and how they weaved your scarf.

The ladies receive a fair price for their hard work. After all, they make something that we can enjoy for years to come. And for you it is nice to know that with your purchase you support a hardworking weaver. A woman who made you a beautiful scarf with lots of love and care.

In this way, this age-old craft is preserved. We guarantee that only adult weavers make our scarves. Child labor is excluded.

Blue, blue or bleu?

Before weaving, the yarn gets its dye bath. It is dipped in the natural indigo dye. One or two dye baths will make the yarn light blue. Additional baths darken the scarf.

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The blue scarves of The Happy Scarf are colored with the paint of the indigo plant. This plant grows in the fields near the weavers. It remains fascinating to see how the green leaves of this plant, once dissolved in water, give a blue dye.


Sometimes the yarn, which is still white, is tied off to create undyed stripes. The so-called ‘raindrop’ motif. It seems as if white raindrops decorate the dark blue scarf. A subtle detail that we didn’t see often.

Or green

But we don’t just sell blue scarves. Our green scarves are also popular. The green color of the scarf comes from mixing the yellow dye from the mango tree with indigo blue. This creates different shades of green.

Light green, dark green, grass green, olive green. There is green for everyone’s taste. We even have green scarves with a ‘raindrop’ motif.

In the closet

Casual, dressy, business or bold. With a scarf of The Happy Scarf, your thick winter coat will stay longer in the closet.

It is a scarf to wear yourself. But it’s also nice to give it to someone else. Because it is an original gift.

A gift with a sustainable message.

And there are more colors

We wrote about our blue and green scarves. Yet you will find many more colors and combinations at statuesque.

They are all scarves made with maximum care and consideration for the environment.

Free shipping

Within the Netherlands we will send the scarves and shawls to you for free this year.

Orders above 60 euros are sent free of charge to our customers in Belgium. For smaller shipments to Belgium, we pay half of the costs (4.5 euros).

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