A scarf with respect for nature

The indigofera tinctoria plant
The indigofera tinctoria plant

We are sure that a scarf made of The Happy Scarf is made with respect for nature. When we travel across the country to buy our scarves, we pay particular attention to this. For example, our scarves are not woven by machines. We also try to limit the use of chemical paint as much as possible. Our weavers prefer to use plants, bark, flowers and soil to dye the scarves. This organic dye makes our scarves extra durable.

No polluted rivers, but a natural product that does not damage the living environment.

The indigo blue paint is everywhere

indigo dye
Paint made from the Indigofera Tinctoria plant

Many of our scarves are blue or have blue patterns. That’s because the indigo blue dye is everywhere.

Respect for the nature of the scarf is also apparent from the natural indigo color. This blue color comes from the Indigofera tinctoria plant.

This plant grows near the small villages to color the cotton. After harvesting, the indigo leaves soak for 24 hours in large barrels with plenty of water.

We have described in a separate article how the paint is made from this colored water with great respect for the environment.

Rivers remain clean when dyeing our scarves. And there is no damage to the living environment.

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Woven by hand

Woven by hand

Weaving is also done by hand. Thread by thread the scarf grows in the loom. Not a tight, impersonal piece of fabric, but a nice, evenly woven whole.

Often the scarf is washed again after weaving in Alkaline (alkaline) water with a high pH. This makes the soft rayon yarn extra supple. The whole thing feels super soft.

The features of these sustainable scarves

Our scarves and shawls are:

– Colored with natural dyes – Predominantly in blue colors – Suitable for summer, winter, spring and autumn – Handmade – Unique in color

Special gift with a sustainable story

With a scarf of The Happy Scarf you can be sure that you are not wearing a fast fashion item. A scarf is a timeless fashion accessory.

And because each scarf is made by hand, you can be sure that it is unique. It is the sustainable message that makes your gift so special.

And we are proud of that!

Washing instructions

Wash at low temperatures or hand wash in cold water. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach.

The cotton fields at Loei

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