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Slow Fashion Clothing: sustainability in style

slow fashion clothing

In a world where mass production, fast fashion and cheap clothes have become the norm, more and more people are looking for sustainable alternatives. Slow fashion represents a conscious choice for clothing that is timeless, with consideration for both the environment and the people who produce it.

We understand the importance of slow fashion and learned that solutions to the search for sustainable products can also lie in the past. That’s why we offer high-quality slow fashion clothing made with care and attention according to ancient tradition.That our scarves, shawls and table cotton are hand-woven is not their only sustainable feature. It becomes clear when you see how they are made.

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The basics

cotton on the plant

It all starts with the choice of materials. Our fabrics are made of cotton and rayon. We ensure that the cotton is grown in a small-scale and sustainable manner. Our cotton grows in a way that has no harmful impact on local ecosystems. Farmers grow it on a small scale without pumping rivers and lakes dry.

The annual rainy season provides irrigation. So no excessive water use or pollution of rivers and lakes. This makes cotton scarce and expensive in Thailand. But the result is worth it: high-quality fabrics that stand the test of time.

As cotton is not always available, many weavers work with Rayon. It is a natural cellulose fibre extracted from wood pulp. It is strong, silky soft and has the ability to absorb natural dyes well. This allows us to colour our fabrics in a sustainable way, without harming the environment.

The colour

yarn dyed with flowers and plants

Thus, the yarn is dyed with plants and flowers. The raw materials are boiled before the cotton or rayon is dipped in them. This is how our blue yarns get their colour from the indigo plant. As no chemicals are used, waste water can be discharged without any problems. As a result, no polluted rivers and lakes near our weavers’ villages.

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The weaving craft, culture and tradition

happy weaver at work at the loom

Hand-weaving makes our slow fashion clothing unique. Each scarf and shawl is woven on a traditional loom. We carry this ancient craft in our hearts, craftsmanship and attention to detail come together.

Weaving using age-old techniques not only ensures high-quality fabrics, but it also preserves the country’s traditions and cultural heritage. It allows rural weavers to contribute to the family income.

The weaver

weaving a scarf

Fair trade and fair compensation for the people who make our slow fashion clothes are important to us. Our weavers therefore receive a good price for their work and are paid directly. By wearing our clothes, you contribute to supporting small rural communities and preserving traditional crafts.

The carrier

slow fashion clothing, an original gift

Slow fashion clothing from Staatjebeeldig offers benefits not only for the weavers and the environment, but also for the wearer. Our garments are unique and often only one copy is available. This means you have an original garment that no one else has.

The timeless style and quality of the fabrics mean you will take the garment out of your closet more often and it will last longer. You are proud of it, knowing you have made a sustainable choice.


nature does not have to suffer

Choosing slow fashion clothing means consuming consciously and investing in quality and sustainability. We understand this and we strive to offer high-quality slow fashion clothing that is not only stylish, but also has a positive impact on the environment and the communities in which it is produced.

In conclusion

So, if you’re looking for slow fashion clothes made with care and attention, check out the collection at TheHappyScarf. Together, we can make a difference for a more sustainable future of the fashion industry.

With Staatjebeeldig’s slow fashion clothing, we make a statement in style together!

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