A soft beautiful men’s scarf

That’s right, because a soft beautiful men’s scarf is the ideal fashion accessory for the self-confident man. Young, old, rich or poor, every man can upgrade his outfit with a scarf. It may seem like a detail, but a stylish scarf says a lot about yourself. With one of our scarves you show that you stand for:

  • Quality
  • Originality
  • Sustainability and
  • fair trade

For example, our hand-woven scarves are often colored with dyes from nature. The weavers also receive a fair income for their labour.

Men’s scarves make the man

The soft, beautiful men’s scarf from The Happy Scarf completes your outfit. It is an accessory that makes you shine.

our soft beautiful men's scarves are made of cotton and rayon
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At The Happy Scarf you can choose from different weaving techniques, yarn thicknesses, colors and designs. Each region has its own method, which means that the end product, the scarf, also differs substantially from region to region.

Most scarves are 2 meters long, but if you want a shorter one, that is also possible. They are on average 30 centimeters wide, but there is also a lot of variation in this.

This scarf does not itch and feels comfortable

A common comment is that someone is not a scarf person. Some men get scared of a neckerchief. Much too hot, getting no air and itching are usually the arguments mentioned. However, that does not apply to the scarves of The Happy Scarf.

Our scarves are made of rayon or pure cotton. Both materials are 100% natural and comfortable to wear. So no sticky sweaty feeling. No tickling in your neck. But a soft and nice feeling. And elegant protection against the cold.

Different styles and models

The current fashion regulations give a lot of freedom. Many scarves suit a casual clothing style. The colors then determine whether something suits you and can be worn by you.

When you go for a plain scarf you play it safe and you can go in many directions. You can also combine indigo blue with many colours.

natural dyes for the soft beautiful men's scarf
Pots with the blue dye from the indigo plant

Some of our designs are more daring. They give you a characterful appearance.

Be inspired by our different patterns and order your favorite men’s scarf online.

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A traditional fashion accessory

From a young age, boys and men wear a scarf in the cold months. Born out of necessity to survive the winter, you can now wear scarves every season. Many men no longer go out without their scarf.

The dull woolen men’s scarves in dull colors of before have now been replaced by hip and striking designs. Bold color combinations mean that you can come across as original and unique.

Not only the colors but also the material tell something about the man who wears it. In the case of The Happy Scarf, this means that you are going for sustainability.

With a classic suit, bad weather or at a party

Men’s scarves are available for many occasions.

  • Chic with a suit or tuxedo makes the carefully selected men’s scarf for the finishing touch
  • In bad weather it is about protection against cold or rain
  • And it is also scoring when you make your entrance at a party with a beautiful scarf.

Not only for men

Clothing is becoming more and more universal and this is no different with scarves. You like him or not. Model, design and colors determine less who can wear it. It will therefore not surprise you that many boys and girls also wear our men’s scarves. You know best what suits you.

Easy to order online.

It is not difficult to order the men’s scarf of your choice online. Go to our shop and the rest speaks for itself. And if you can’t figure it out, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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