Soft scarves from Sukhothai

The soft scarves from Sukhothai are of high quality. They have coordinated colors and are woven in three lanes, which gives them a stylish look. They feel extra soft due to the special mud that each scarf has been soaked in for 24 hours. The ingredients of this mud bath are the secret of the weavers in Sukhothai.

About Sukhothai

The city of Sukhothai is known worldwide for its historical temples. The center of this historic city from 1238 is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The ruins of the statues and temples are in good condition. Despite this historic attraction, it is relatively quiet in the historic center.

The 40,000 inhabitants of the city live around the temple complexes and make a living from agriculture and tourism.

A scarf from Sukhothai:

  • – Feels nice and soft after treatment in mud bath
  • – Is of superior quality
  • – For a good price
  • – Has three colors per scarf
  • – Is handwoven
  • – And unique
cooking cotton
After the mud bath, the scarves are boiled so that they become soft

The weaving technique, the three-color design and the mud bath mean that a scarf is worked on for at least three working days. You will enjoy your scarf for years to come. The high quality of the yarn and the many days that it took make the scarves from Sukhothai slightly more expensive.

We are proud to be able to sell these beautiful scarves.

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