what is a summer scarf

What is a summer scarf?

Who says scarves are just for winter?
A summer scarf is also very suitable to wear on warmer days.
In the region where they are made, it is quite warm all year round.
There the scarves are worn to protect against the sun.
Our summer scarves are lightly woven and the thin yarn drapes smoothly and comfortably around your shoulders.
They give your outfit more color on sunny days.
A pleasure to see.

Which scarf is best for summer?

Just because it’s spring or summer doesn’t mean you can’t wear a scarf.
Of course, in warmer weather it is best to avoid thick fabrics around your neck.
But a thin scarf with an airy woven fine thread can have a cooling effect.

detail van de zomersjaal
fijn geweven zomersjaal
geweven met fijne draad voor warm weer

What color is your summer scarf

Before you buy a scarf, you can look at the trend colors of the moment.
If you want to choose safely and wear your scarf for a long time, you can choose neutral colors such as black, white, grey, beige or brown.
These colors easily combine with almost all outfits and skin tones.

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Weapon against cool parts of the day and air conditioning

Is it chilly at the cinema?
Do you shiver at the thought of dinner under the air conditioning?
Do you want extra protection on a cool morning during your morning walk?
Or with your first cup of coffee on the terrace?
In a subtle way you arm yourself against this discomfort.

And what could be more wonderful than not being bothered by the chill at sunset.
With a summer scarf you can sit outside longer and make the most of your day in the great outdoors.

Save on your energy bill

If you have chosen to fight the high energy prices by turning down the heating a few degrees, a summer scarf may be welcome.
You will not easily walk around with a thick scarf in the house.
A nice summer scarf is comfortable and can be more than enough to keep the chill off your body.

Made by experts

Not only are our weavers experienced and they learned the trade from an early age.
They also live in a tropical country with an average daily temperature of 30°C.
In Isaan, where many of the scarves come from, the mercury regularly moves around 40 degrees Celsius.
There the scarves are used to protect themselves against the heat and bright sun.
The condition is that the fabrics breathe well and provide coolness.
Our scarves from Buriram and Mukhdahan in particular are woven thin and airy.
That makes them super suitable to wear on warmer days.

On a shopping trip in the hot countryside

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Your summer scarf is ready for you in our store

Check out our store to see which summer scarves we have.
Maybe yours is there. It is a scarf to wear for a long time and with great pleasure.
And the good news is, it also gives you a lot of wearing pleasure in winter, spring and autumn.

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