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Summer scarf in or out of the closet?

Our spring and summer scarves come from Mukdahan and Buriram. Influencers and trendsetters agree: “the summer scarf is this year’s trend”. And what is a typical summer scarf? It is a finely woven scarf for men and women. The scarf is made of natural material because it is wonderful to wear during the warmer months. The yarn is thin and falls smoothly and softly around the neck.

If you have such a nice scarf, take it out of the closet. Or go for one of the scarves in our store. They are all hand woven and we have them in different colors.

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Summer scarves from Mukdahan

Summer scarves from Mukdahan

Mukdahan is not located on the coast but borders Laos in northeast Thailand. Here too, weavers try to supplement the meager income by weaving fabrics. The scarves woven in Mukdahan are super light. The fine and thin scarves that come from here are ideal to wear in spring, summer and autumn.

Summer scarves from Buriram

Buriram is on the border with Cambodia In Buriram, the temperature is the same almost all year round. It fluctuates on average between 32°C and 22°C. Always warm and not really weather for a thick warm scarf. The weavers have specialized in weaving thin fabrics that are suitable for this warm climate. This means you can wear the scarves all year round.

With dyes from nature

The scarves often have earthy (terracotta) tones and their dye comes directly from nature.
Plants, flowers, bark of trees dye the yarn and give the scarves their beautiful color.
Visit our store and grab your chance to shine this summer with a light men’s or women’s scarf.
Be prepared for the chilly evenings with one of our summer scarves.

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