Summer scarves with colors from nature

They are fine and thinly woven, light and colored. Our summer scarves with colors from nature. Not only do the colors appear natural, the dye does come from nature. This is because our weavers use the dyes from the natural ingredients that grow near the village.

The indigo plant, bark, soil, crushed rock, flowers and plants provide the dyes that give the shawls and wraps their soft color combinations.

A conscious choice for nature

We consciously choose scarves with colors from nature. No (cheap) chemical paint that discolors rivers. No unhealthy vapors that the weavers have to inhale. Just no pollution Because it is possible to stay closer to nature.

Cool scarves from Mukdahan

Our super light scarves from Mukdahan are ideal spring and summer scarves that have been colored with dyes from nature. And they have the advantage of not being too hot.

Because Mukdahan has three seasons: warm, warmer, warmest. These scarves are suitable for these three seasons. So certainly for the European spring, summer and autumn.

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The features of our products

The shawls and shawls of The Happy Scarf are: – Colored with natural dyes – In varied colors – Suitable for summer, spring and autumn – Suitable for men and women – Finely woven with thin yarn – Handmade – Unique in color and design

Keep those compliments coming.

All summer scarves with colors from nature.

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