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Sustainable cotton bags | a special gift

The Happy Scarf does not only sell scarves. These four sustainable bags, made of hand-spun cotton, are also waiting for you in our webshop. And what makes them so unique and special?

Read what it takes to make a sustainable bag and appreciate your purchase even more. We describe the entire process here.

We can therefore say that a cotton bag for ladies from The Happy Scarf is 100% sustainable.

Sustainable bags, how are they made?

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From seed to bag

1. More than a hundred days after the cotton seeds go into the ground, the white, brown or green seed bulbs are ready for harvest.

2. The fluff with cotton fibers contains the seeds of the plant and they have to be removed. The weavers do this by hand or with a small mangle that squeezes the pips out of the fluff.

3. Once de-pitted, the cotton is spinning. The fluffy mass is twisted into long cotton threads.

Spinning the cotton
Spinning the cotton fluff

4. Then those long threads form large strands.

Cotton strands are made
Strands are made

5. Those strands are washed and given a color bath in natural dye.

6. Once dry, the cotton goes to the hand loom. Where our weavers weave beautiful cotton fabrics.

7. And from those cotton fabrics, seamstresses eventually make shoulder bags for women and men.

We can therefore say that a cotton bag for ladies from The Happy Scarf is 100% sustainable.

It’s also important to know that everyone who contributes to the creation of a figure of speech will receive a fair price for their work. The farmers, weavers and seamstresses are very happy with your purchase and support.

Features of our sustainable cotton bags for women and men

  • They are unique, because no two bags are the same
  • Also super strong, durable and original at the same time
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • With an extra reinforced bottom
  • And hand spun
  • Just like our scarves woven by hand
  • With colors that come straight from nature such as:
    • Blue from the indigo plant
    • Yellow from the mango tree
    • Green by mixing the yellow of mango with the blue indigo paint
  • The handles are strong and firmly attached by the seamstresses, so you can carry heavy bottles without worry.

Despite all this work, the high quality and durability, this bag for women and men is not expensive. And that, while you pay the farmers, weavers and seamstresses all well for their labor. For only € 22,- you have this original gift for yourself or someone dear to you.

Don’t forget to tell this story when you give the bag or, better yet, send the link of this blog. This gives your gift an extra dimension.

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