sustainable clothing

Sustainable clothing

We realize more and more how much the environment suffers from the fast fashion industry.
Fast fashion is associated with poor working conditions and low wages for the makers of the clothing, environmental pollution and waste. Fortunately, there are plenty of ‘slow fashion’ alternatives. And we are one of them. You can also buy sustainable clothing at The Happy Scarf. Our scarves are not woven by polluting machines, but by hand.

We also try to use natural dyes as much as possible. Our weavers do this by using old techniques when they dye their yarns. Thanks to the use of plants, flowers, bark, fruits, etc., rivers are not polluted.

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Indigo dye is made

So you can be sure that a scarf made of The Happy Scarf is durable. But that is not everything. With your purchase you also support a good cause. You help farmers in the hot countryside in Northeast Thailand. They have only one rice yield per year. This is due to the heat and drought in this region. Extra income from the sale of handmade fabrics is therefore more than welcome.

sustainable clothes

Because we visit our weavers ourselves, no money is lost to intermediaries. This allows us to give the ladies a fair price. They are therefore very happy with this extra income and grateful that they can make their beautiful scarves for you.

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But your purchase is not only good for nature and the weaver. You also ensure that the age-old weaving craft does not disappear. By giving the weavers a future, the next generation also learns to dye and weave. As a result, they can continue to live with their families and do not have to go to the city to earn money. The weaving craft continues. Sufficient reasons to look further in our store and to choose sustainable clothing.

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